august alsina comes out clean

i haven’t seen or heard from august alsina in years.
it was sometime in a “september” far away.
remember when he was the font of the foxhole?
he has literally been under the radar since those days.
well he popped up on jada pinkett smith‘s facebook show,
“red table talk”.
he had a conversation about his addiction to pills.
look and listen…


he looks so much better with that weight in his face.

he always had a nice mouth and teeth too.
from the time he was real hot,
he was also honest about his struggles.
jada seemed to have done him some good.
i’m glad she took him in.
he seems happier too.

i wonder if he’ll ever come back out with music?
does he even have an audience anymore?
i’m sure if had a good song(s),
folks would tune back in.
we all love a “comeback” story.

lowkey: i know a couple folks addicted to pills.
that feeling they give keeps them hooked.
once you get on,
it’s hard to get off.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “august alsina comes out clean”

  1. Wow I can not believe this is the same dude, he does not even look the same, still very handsome but I mean I would have not known that was him if you did not say that was him. I have heard about this show, but never seen it, now I want to watch the episodes. I give Jada a gold star for this. This was very informative.

  2. He’s grown so much compared to how he was 4 years ago when he first blew up. I honestly hope he’s doing better. It was always obvious he had issues, so to see this growth is great.

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