foxhole, i have found myself in an addiction that might have been fuckin’ me up

speaking of addiction,
i’ve been carrying around a burden for a while now.
i noticed this particular addiction was syncing with an issue that i have too.

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i’ve gotten an addiction i’m trying to get under control

send all the chocolate.
so it’s happened.
i didn’t think i’d become “one of them“,
but i did.
i have friends and co workers who are addicted and thought i was cute judging them.
they leave them on their desks and in plain sight.
a fox couldn’t escape them if he tried.

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august alsina comes out clean

i haven’t seen or heard from august alsina in years.
it was sometime in a “september” far away.
remember when he was the font of the foxhole?
he has literally been under the radar since those days.
well he popped up on jada pinkett smith‘s facebook show,
“red table talk”.
he had a conversation about his addiction to pills.
look and listen…
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How Addiction Ultimately Killed Nelsan Ellis

we are all addicted to something.
it’s natural.
i didn’t know kicking the addiction is what can actually kill you.
well sadly,
that is how nelsan ellis who played “lafayette” on true blood died.
this is the details about his death via cnn
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I Have A Heart Problem (Due To Past Addictions)

i always love the definition of “savage mode”.
it’s when you have no fucks to give and express it through actions.
now for some,
it can be used to hurt the innocent.
the ones who are totally fed up use it to let others now:

“I Ain’t that One”

it also seems like a lonely life to live every single day.
i feel savage mode should be turned on and off.
give it when it needs to be given.
you know what
has been hurting me the most lately?
well i’ll tell you…
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