i’ve gotten an addiction i’m trying to get under control

send all the chocolate.
so it’s happened.
i didn’t think i’d become “one of them“,
but i did.
i have friends and co workers who are addicted and thought i was cute judging them.
they leave them on their desks and in plain sight.
a fox couldn’t escape them if he tried.

I’m addicted to these damn Funko Pops

most of my black friends have all the black funko pops from movies and tv shows.
my ass has super villains and the bitches so far.

cersei lannister
dark phoenix
blair waldorf

poison ivy and venom are coming in a few days.
i’m trying to get harley quinn,
and some of the black panther characters.
have i fonted the word “ugh” yet?
i’ll add it again.


i guess i’ve crossed fully into nerd territory.

low-key: it could be worst.
i could be addicted to crack.
this is a much safer.

11 thoughts on “i’ve gotten an addiction i’m trying to get under control

  1. Funko has an app you can look up the worth of the pops you own as well as pops you may want I have a large large large large collection (last I checked I’m at 274). I’m an in box collector although some of my pops aren’t pristine It’s an addiction if you don’t keep it checked.

    Places I’ve gotten cheap pops from:
    Ross (they occasionally appear there)
    Target (they have sales every once in awhile)
    Half-price books (they have some older pops for inexpensive)
    Midtown comics (great places to get a lot of these things for cheap)
    Tuesday Morning (they sometimes have great vaulted pops
    Walmart.com (better condition of pops than buying them in store)

    1. my pop collection is mostly black but that spiraled into my childhood favs and now it’s going into movies/tv shows/books/video games that I thoroughly enjoy.

      1. no problem i got into them & so far have maybe 2 or 3 friends that I also got into collecting them as well as my mom. lol

  2. Same!!!! Try searching for funko pop on deepdiscount.com they have some on there for 3.99 and if you order up to 25 dollars worth of stuff it’s free shipping. Also gamestop.com has cheap ones too starting at 5 bucks.

    I’m trying to get more black characters in little growing collection, it’s mostly x-men characters, sailor moon characters, or Radom white women I rides with like Daria or Julia Roberts from Pretty woman.

  3. I know this Asian guy obsessed with them. He made us wait in line SO LONG and they didn’t even have the one he wanted.

  4. I Have Black Characters And Mixed In Some Others Lol
    I Normally Get Them On Sale
    It Can Become An Expensive Habit

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