something really stood out in “watchmen” on hbo (yahya abdul-mateen II)

last night,
i was hesitant to watch “watchmen” on hbo.
i saw the movie way back and it was trash af.
one of my fav actresses,
regina king,
was taking on the lead role for the tv series.
after a few folks i know said it was good today,
i decided to check it out tonight.
i enjoyed it,
but one thing really got my attention…

yahya abdul-mateen II,
that bawdy,
and sexin’ the hell outta regina king.

i sat TF up in my bed.
i’ve been hooked on yahya on “striking vipers” on black mirror,
but ever since he started packing more meat on:



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???? No Weakness!! #Summer19 ????????

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you could as well consider me open for business.
i mean his facial and those beautiful teeth had me stuck…

i can’t wait to see what he brings to other sex scenes “candyman”.

lowkey: when regina put her leg on his fat tail…

another lowkey: i’d love to get done hard in a closet so my kids wouldn’t hear.

16 thoughts on “something really stood out in “watchmen” on hbo (yahya abdul-mateen II)

  1. Yahya is American lol.

    Very attractive dude and I’m just not seeing Striking Vipers episode the other day. Dude had me on brick when he was essentially begging Anthony Mackie for the D. Lmao!

    A lot of the black, male, American actors are trash and rely on looks to get by. None of the actors Tyler Perry cast are good actors, just good looking.

    Denzel is still top dawg as far as I’m concerned, as no one has shown his versatility and appeal yet.

  2. He seems to be an African American:. From Wikipedia:. Abdul-Mateen was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to a Muslim father, Yahya Abdul-Mateen I, and a Christian mother, Mary.[2][1] He spent his childhood in the Magnolia Projects of New Orleans, and then moved to Oakland, California,[3][4] where he attended McClymonds High School. In 2004, he went to college where he competed as a hurdler for the California Golden Bears.[1] He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in architecture and then worked as a city planner in San Francisco.[5] He had always wanted to be an actor, later receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Yale School of Drama and working as a stage actor.[4][6]

  3. Can we have an honest conversation for a minute. I think yahya abdul-mateen II looks fantastic and I in no means want to take anything away from him but can someone explain to me where are all of the American born black actors. Outside of Michael B. Jordon, Sterling K. Brown, Anthony Mackie, and Chadwick Boseman the only one casting African Americans is Tyler Perry. John Boyega, Daniel Kaluuya, David Oyelowo, Winston Duke, and Yahya Mateen maybe good people but I just don’t see why we need to go get Boyega to play Jamal from the inner city when we can just go get Jamal. I guess I would just like to see more African Americans playing African Americans on film and Screen.

    1. ^you make an excellent point reality.
      i’ve been noticing a shit ton more english born movie stars these days.
      i often compare it to when you call a company and they send you over to indian to speak with “brad” about your billing questions.
      you gotta go through 20 robots to get transferred to a human nowadays.

      maybe it has to do with cost?
      are british actors/actresses cheaper than american brain ones?
      i’m even seeing it in the white acting community.
      they gotta learn a whole american accent and they get the role.

      it’s really interesting.

    2. that awkward moment when Yahya is African American. the british invasion is nothing new and very prevalent with white roles too. It’s not that they are cheaper per say. I have heard the argument that they have more international appeal. On the average, a lot of Black British actors do well in the States and do better across europe and internationally done their American counterparts. Of course you have outliers such Samuel L, Denzel, MBJ, Will etc. I have also heard the argument that Black British actors on the average come to the US with lots more acting experience and years on years of training in the field. Not sure what the exact reason is though, but it is certainly a trend.

  4. Figured we were going to talk about the intro to the episode.

    The bombing of Black Wallstreet in Tulsa, OK was a REAL event. I know the show does alternate history and stuff but the producer wanted people to know that there were literally PLANES DROPPING FIREBOMBS on the district.

    So many people died that they are STILL searching for the mass graves since many to this day are unaccounted for. The government even stepped in after it was revealed that supremacists were working with the police force etc. to make this happen. LBJ at the time even gave out some form of reparations as a response for what happened.

    The most economically sound and prominent black district in the USA wiped off the map in a single day. That wasn’t fiction. And I wish more people knew about it. Kinda thankful that this show touched on it and can’t wait till the full film of the event gets released.

    It’s sad, really sad and truly altered the course of American history for years to come.

    1. ^i knew about black wall street,
      but didn’t know much about it.
      i’m glad they touched on it in the intro.

      i wonder if white people saw the show going in this direction?
      i was pleasantly surprised they would go in they way they did.

      1. White people are the ones that made sure no one ever mentioned it again.
        they’ll be ray Charles to those events until the end of time.

      1. First of all, Watchmen the movie was not trash. 😂 Second, Black Manta is fiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneee

        1. Thank you! Thank you! Watchmen was NOTHING close to trash!

          It was a gritty superhero movie.

          1. Y’all tried it. Zack Synder mades good LOOKING movies, but they move too slow. For how long Watchmen was it was not enough plot.

        2. The best thing about Watchmen was the blue tiger! They had the nerve to make us hype over some microscopic blue peen. #trash

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