if you sucked a dick twice, you might still be straight (according to tank?)

straight males are getting comfortable these days.
some seem to be very honest about their “gay shit”.
the shit they would take to their graves.
tank is always revealing some of his “comfortable” thoughts.
he’s had no issue about being honest that he liked his wolf-hole sucked on.
now he has an interesting view about straight males  that have sucked a dick.
this is what he had to say on angela yee’s “lip service” by “hollywood unlocked”


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he makes me so horny.
so tank thinks a straight male ain’t gay if he sucked dick twice.
my thoughts:

I think a male can experiment with other males and still be straight

there are many straight attentionistos have had a dick or three in their mouths.
the days of only vixens using their bawdies for money is a thing of the past.
many attentionistos are out here on the gay for pay to pay their bills.
social media has made it easier.
i was just talking to a fox who knows someone that has fucked some of the attentionistos.
one of our own revealed a lot in ( x this foxhole classic interview ).
there are many singing and rapping wolves that have done some thangs to get put on.
if you even question their sexuality:

i think males are simply doing what they’ve always been doing.

Experimenting on the low

this is what the “down low” is and has always been.
this is helping some pay their bills without getting get a job.
look whatever you choose to do…

You know I don’t see an issue with it

as long as you’re not lying to yourself and others,
go out there and explore your curiosity.

put your tail up
open your mouth
enter the fox tail slow

some end up liking it.
others don’t and move on.
sexuality is very broad and we all need to stop shaming those who want to try shit out.

lowkey: tank…
i’m ready to give you this good warm stuff.
please come get it.

ETA: tank responded to all the criticism from folks questioning his stance…

i luhved-ed him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

36 thoughts on “if you sucked a dick twice, you might still be straight (according to tank?)”

  1. Durrell been sticking his leg out of the closet like a Cancan dancer for damn near 20 years now. Men like him whom only date non-Black women be closet gays any damn way, so he’s telling on himself whether he knows it or not. Besides he’s had plenty of crossover opportunities. I guess he’s taking initiative (getting on the gay casting couch) unlike yalls underachieving bae Trey Songz.

  2. The more i see Tank & hear about this, the more I appreciate and love him. He not only spoke the truth but this is a conversation that we have needed to have about male sexuality for generations. Men of all orientations are screwed up because of the lies so many believe that men aren’t supposed to be truly sexual beings and experiment if we want to. We allow women to do it but if a man does it, it’s the end of the world. It’s not fair and it’s dead wrong. This is why the DL world is a big as it is because no one wants to live in their truth or/& believe the truth and lives are screwed up forever for some as a result. I hope this conversation keeps on going cause so many men need to be free cause so many aren’t.

  3. I think masturbating with men is the only experimentation that’s acceptable honestly, even threesomes involving another man and woman are pretty normalized due to pornography.

    Putting a dick in your mouth or having another man put your dick in his mouth is crossing over into the gay or bi territory. Doing it twice? Women have a right to be leery because men have stronger jaws and once you get hooked on men sucking your dick it’s pretty much a wrap from my experience.

    Now doing all this for money is a different story. No one knows if they’re having sex for enjoyment or survival (food, shelter) but the person engaging in the activity.

    Tank’s catty behavior towards women and his desire to talk about getting his ass ate and now dick sucked by men leads me to believe he’s slowly working up to telling people he’s bi. His poor girlfriend is probably driving herself crazy lol

      1. Yeah he and Zena Foster got married in July 2018.Some lady on Tank’s IG said his dick comment was going to affect his album sales.He replied “I’m #1” I’ m not sure which chart his album is #1 on.There are a lot of people on his page saying they didn’t know about his album coming out until they heard about the comment.They bought the album and love it.So I guess in a way bad publicity is still publicity ☺.

  4. I just watched Tank on The Breakfast Club and now I have a better understanding up the clip.One of the ladies said her ex was a liar and she mentioned 2 lies he told.Tank said, “Is he really a liar if he only told 2 lies?” Angela Yee confirmed she is the one who brought up the topic of sucking a dick. Tank was saying is a guy really gay if he only sucks a dick 2 times, in the same way he was saying was the lady’s boyfriend a liar since he only told 2 lies to her.Basically he was in room full of women tried to defend the liar boyfriend(man) and it ended up in this mess 😂. It has a good of sense of humor about it despite being the butt of jokes.

    On The Breakfast Club he said is not upset people are calling him gay because they were already doing that before the 2 dicks comment.He is upset about the hateful, homophobic comments.He said he is all about love,compassion,no judgement, not tearing people down.

  5. The more I see of him lately the more I want to slu…support his work.

    But on a sidenote I’m really proud that he’s really open about this I wish we could see more straight me this comfortable with their sexuality and self.

  6. First of all, if any person commits an act with another but still likes the other, he is bisexual or pansexual. Even if he or she is experimenting…

    In order for them to experiment, he/she had to have been curious and aroused by the thought. I mean that’s just common sense. If you are repulsed by something, you are not going to want to do it. What straight man wakes up in the morning and randomly decides he wants to suck a dick suddenly instead of making Frosted Flakes?

    A straight man that is confident in his sexuality is a man that accepts he loves everything about women just as they are and uses his d**k to handle the business. This includes the main point: Women don’t have dicks and he’s fine with it that way because not only does he not like men, he would never try to persuade a cis female to take on the role of one. The thought of being with another man turns him off completely.

    Just as a gay Top is confident in his sexuality and role, ultimately loves ass and will dick you down proper. However, a big dick doesn’t make a good top, but his performance and passion will make you fall in love. He’s a man still at the end of the day but gay men are not bound by the same restraints as the heterobots.

    True Heterobot males love women, pussy, titties and female ass. They are never “curious” about the same gender.

    Bi/Gay men love other men, dick,ass…and lusting after straight men. These are the ones who are curious about the same gender.

    If I look at straight porn, I’m not curious about the woman. She may be fine as hell but I don’t be like…I wonder what her pussy feel like? Maybe I should go experiment tomorrow???. when it’s really the other way around…I want to be where she at ..getting dicked down by a sexy male pornstar….Someone like Xavier Thicc (if I was ever a female, I’d marry his ass for sure.. I can at least expect a good ole sensual traditional dick down often ..)..😋

    I guess some gay men are fine with this whole setup Tank is talking about because they believe more straight men will suddenly go bisexual increasing their chances of nabbing that masculine dude with the tats they always see at Planet Fitness every Wednesday… Just because you let me suck your dick, doesn’t mean youre gay…a mouth is a mouth. Just close your eyes and imagine I’m a female…might as well say an ass is an ass too…your dick, my dildo, it’s a date…You still straight though…😉

    Also, I didn’t know someone was actually keeping a count on dick sucking like Tootsie Pops…How many licks does it take to get to the center? How many dicks do I need to suck before I tatse the rainbow? 🤤

    If the sum of pussy multiplied by the square root of two dicks in my mouth divided by homosexuality is equal heterosexuality, then my circumference must be bisexual…? 🤔

    1. ^you are right jammy.

      i often feel like people don’t think bisexuality exists.
      it’s something that is “unheard of”.
      because of that toxic thinking and behaving,
      i often feel the same way as well.
      i have to remember in situations like this,
      biseuxality is a thing and it’s perfectly normal.

      so what about the “straight” males who bend over,
      or do the bending,
      for money and a sugar baby life?
      are they bisexual?
      or can they “turn off” just for the moment if they’re repulsed by it?

      i’ve always wondered that part.

      1. Oh, I hardly ever come back and check my posts. Sorry for the late reply but they are still committing the act and in my eyes they are bisexual. Money is powerful but you just not gonna do something you’re not into and keep doing it. These straight males are bisexual and having money attached to it doesn’t excuse the fact they are messing with men.

        It’s just how “straight” dudes mess with transsexuals and still call themselves straight even though they are bending over a man or getting bent over repeatedly.

        The problem comes from folks who try to jumble up the sexual nature of a humans. I don’t want to sound rude when I say transgender females are still men but scientifically speaking they are.

        You will then have a “straight” man mess with them and claim he is still straight because he’s attacted to women.

        Sex never used to be this disorganized and complicated. Now you have folks that like to do stuff and brush it off as experimenting and invent all kinds of stuff to try and “find” themselves.

    2. I think you’re putting too much sentiment into sex. You’re going by the assumption that you require some kind of attachment or physical attraction to have sex with someone. You’re right, for people who are that way which may be a majority.

      That’s not always the case for everyone though. I guarantee prostitutes and pornstars fuck people they aren’t attracted to on a regular. Put a brotha in the joint for too long and I bet money he getting sum somewhere.

      Attraction is mental and the mind is powerful; however, sex will physically feel good due to stimuli and a release of chemicals: oxytocin(love), dopamine(desire), cortisol/adrenaline/norepinephrine(thrill). It’s why repeated sexual abuse can be particularly traumatizing, and victims of domestic violence stay with their partners to their death.

  7. I ain’t mad at him for being real. Too many fakers out here pretending to be something they aren’t. Kudos for being brave enough to speak his truth. I just wish the toxic masculinity in the black community would die already. As long as he’s not a dl on the side why the hell should ppl care what he does in his bedroom. Black women gonna be hella mad though. This might be the last straw for them. RIP Tank’s music career.

  8. I’ve always found the sexually experimentation thing so strange. It’s like when people talk about being confused about their sexuality; don’t you know what you’re attracted to when you see it? Don’t you have to be some kind of bisexual or pansexual to even want to experiment with different genders?If you don’t find men attractive why would you want to try oral sex with one?

    I’ve had females hit on me all my life and experimenting with them has never crossed my mind. I knew I was gay when I got my first crush at 12 and I’ve never felt the need to eat pussy to confirm my sexuality.

    I just don’t get it.

  9. What about men who slept with women and discovered that they didn’t like it and prefer men instead? Are they considered straight?

  10. Experimentation does not equate sexuality. Men, especially black men, should be allowed to experiment without having someone question their sexuality forever. Women do it all the damn time

  11. It’s interesting, because the less taboo gay behavior becomes, the more likely that you will have str8 guys experiment by doing gay acts, but realize they aren’t actually into it, so I think he’s right.

  12. My notions of what a straight man is are changing. It just makes it really hard to differentiate. I love the honesty and everything tho. Sexuality is a spectrum.

    Tank could smash my battleship anytime.

    1. And that, foxes, hybrids and wolves, is what a masculine man at peace with his soul and sexuality, looks like.

  13. Yes, some men dabble in the dick pond just like the character in “Insecure”. i met a guy like that. Boy, I love volunteering my services to the curious and uncertain men out there.

  14. I love Tank.. I respect men like him because he’s not afraid to speak his truth. People are always trying to define others, put them in a category. Sexuality is complex, not rigid, fluid in many. I bet he’s a fantastic sex partner, because he’s willing, able to say what turns him on. It’s others problems not his. Keep on keeping on Tank.. Love him, men like him are true lovers.
    On top of it all he’s just goading people, making fun of them, because he knows they are going to react, say he’s gay, little do they realize, he probably couldn’t care less what tgey think. Hes living his life..

  15. Tank Tank Tank. He can get it. I low key thinks he’s definitely messed with a guy or two lol.

  16. He better not get mad when there’s a line to suck it twice per concert goer at Pride.

      1. While most would say that he’s gay, I beg to differ. I think a Black man coming out can ruin his career. There are a few exceptions with Lil Nas X and Frank Ocean…but look at Malik Yoba.

        I think an actual gay man would be very hesitant to talk about topics like this. I think Tank is just comfortable with himself. He seems the total top a hole is a hole type. He has probably busted a few in a man, but likely has to be under the influence and not looking at the guy. And seeing as he’s not exactly Chris Brown or Khalid in terms of success, I don’t think he slept with anyone. He’s not A-List in the music industry. I think only Black people know of him. So I think if he were on Chris Brown’s level, definitely got the cheeks clapped. But to give up the cakes and not chart?

        I think he does this because he knows the gays support those who support them. Very smart business man. Pride? Where no other R&B singer would be caught? It gets White gays who don’t know about him to check out his music and makes the Black gays take notice.

        Who can come for Tank’s place at Pride? The others are too afraid to. Only Black women perform at Pride. He is securing the bag.

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