fashionmeetzfitness takes that chest to its tv debut!

i think ^this wolf has one of the best chest and nipples in the building.
you know i’m honest.
@fashionmeetzfitness on ig is a beast in these workout streets.
he is a personal training wolf i wrote about ( x a while ago ).
i’ve never actually heard him talk,
nor did i know his name,
but i learned it today.
he was on a show on “bravo” called “cash cab“.
he uploaded it to his ig and well…


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his name is michael.

his voice>>>
i love his smile too.
it seems genuine.
i don’t know if he met those two for the first time,
as you know “reality” ain’t really “reality”,
but i really enjoyed seeing him on screen.
i’d like more please.


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…and television spots.

lowkey: his chest looks like a glazed donut.

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21 thoughts on “fashionmeetzfitness takes that chest to its tv debut!”

  1. I was surprised to see two light skinned fit gays hanging with an average built, brown skinned dude. IG muscle queens like Michael and Matthew act like they only hang out with other muscle queens. I guess they keep him around to make them feel better about their gym results.

    Junior’s fine ass was the only one with confidence and personality. I’d marry him. Matthew didn’t say much and Michael acted as awkward as he looks in those stupid ass photos yall fawn over πŸ˜†

  2. They know each other. Michael and Matthew are personal trainers and former colleagues. I am not familiar with Junior, but because the other two are friends, I am guessing that Junior is a friend as well. Pictures do not do Micheal or Matthew any justice. You need to see the in person. LAWD have mercy.

    1. I say that everyday and get annoyed leaving my house. So much beauty. They’re stunning. And when they smile or help someone or lead. The most magical moments of life.

  3. Meanwhile who is his friend Junior and did you peep his ass sweat when he got out? πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

  4. Definitely staged. A White couple approaching a taxi with Black men calling out to them? I think not. Their behavior reminds me of frat guys. So excited and genuine. I love how they weren’t trying to act cool.

      1. I would assume the couple were actors. I assume he knows the other 2 guys as they had good chemistry and were very hype and feeding off of each other’s energy. I’m mad he didn’t tag the other 2 though.

  5. Okay, the guy with the beard doesn’t look human. His skin is perfect and he looks like a doll. His eyes look like a cartoon drawing. He’s adorable.

    1. All three of those dudes were fine af. Junior (showing off thick ass and calves get out the van), Matthew (and his lovely locks), and Michael (love the shower pic above).

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