the price they had to pay to keep their “gay” lives a secret

do not allow anyone to extort you for being gay.
this brother/sister hyena duo was out here threatening to expose dl gays for money.
a foxholer sent me the outcome

A brother and sister in Alabama are accused of blackmailing at least a dozen victims by threatening to reveal their sexual orientations to family and co-workers in exchange for payment. 

Jvell Hurt, 25, and Whitney Hurt, 23, are facing extortion charges and making terrorist threats after police say they called in bomb threats to the alleged victims’ church and workplace. 

Tuscaloosa police said the siblings called, texted, and emailed the victims until they agreed to pay to keep their sexual orientation private.

Authorities believe the threats could go back several years and are urging any other victims to come forward as the investigation is still ongoing

don’t even get me started on the dough involved:

Court records reveal that one of their victims told police that Jvell Hurt told him to bring $2,100 to his home or he would ‘end him.’ 

Jvell also reportedly threatened to share private photos of the man and called his friends and family to demand they put pressure on the unidentified victim to pay up.

The man said he dropped the $2,100 off in a green basket at Jvell’s home address.

why would you even allow your extortion money to come to your actual home?

i’m so mad they are brother and sister doing this.
some of these folks are just truly evil.
it’s crazy that they’re both siblings.

how did they even know these folks were gay?
was it through baiting?
word of mouth?
i know those victims felt sick af.
they were dropping off some real dough to keep their secrets safe.
i’m sure they won’t be able to trust anyone so easily going forward.

the best way to handle extortion is to spill your own tea.
the secret(s) is the gun and they’re holding you at gunpoint.
you are no use if suddenly reveal all about yourself.
after you reveal all,
you point the spotlight to your captures.
you’re exposed and so are they.
the risk is what others that are close to you will think after but…

Wouldn’t you rather have that than be on a payment plan?

you don’t need another bill.

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “the price they had to pay to keep their “gay” lives a secret”

  1. There was a case like that in DC in the 90s. A Cop would park outside the gay strip with clubs and “theaters” and would look up license plates of cars with carseats in the back. He would blackmail the politicians and “important” people until one person finally went to the authorities. I think he ended up doing time behind all that.

    1. Wow…. I didn’t think anyone actually remembered that. This dude would sit outside Tracks nightclub and look for politicians, military or anyone else who had some influence. This was before the whole Don’t Ask Don’t tell… I know he was fired but don’t remember if he actually went to jail. I have some amazing memories of Tracks, Badlands, Charles Place, Red Door Bar. I remember they use to get it poppin between 12th and 14th Street behind the Police precinct. …

  2. I wish the hell I would! Me and the fam would show up at their house and take turns beating their asses and never speak about it again.

    They wouldn’t get $20 and a taco from me!

    That’s why people have to be careful sending nude pictures so frivolously.

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