he was trying to beat it up, but had to go beat him up

social media has made it easier to be a peeping tom.
you really don’t have to stand in someone’s window nowadays.
some folks will upload it and give us a show on social media.
the jackal in the following story didn’t get the memo.
victor vickey II handled a pervert in his window via “new york daily news“…

A Florida man who caught another man looking into his window while he had sex with his girlfriend has been charged with manslaughter after beating him to death.

Victor Van Vickery II, 30, was arrested last week in the July 2018 death of 57-year-old Asaad Akar, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Just after midnight on July 2, 2018, Vickery’s girlfriend called 911 and reported that he had caught a man, Akar, outside her Fort Lauderdale bedroom window with his pants unzipped, police said. Vickery, who was naked at the time, allegedly attacked Akar, kicking and punching him until police arrived while the woman repeatedly asked him to stop.

Akar, who had previously been arrested for “peeping into windows,” died two hours later at the hospital, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Months later, the woman filed a restraining order against Vickery, but later dropped the claim.

Vickery was also arrested for raping an ex-girlfriend in August 2018, but she was not identified, according to the newspaper.

so this is really the tale of two jackals who took each other out.
victor has a long line of alleged mugshots with a quick google search.
too bad the peeping jackal didn’t know what “pornhub” or “chatchubate” was.
he could have gotten his rocks off to their “amateur” section like regular folks.

article cc: the new york daily news

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  1. This reminds me of the shit I see in the wet areas. Dudes be peeping through the stainless shower door gaps just to get a peek. In my head, i’m like “ok I can’t wait to see you get a beat down”, and dude won’t find him sexy anymore.

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