disney: stop promoting sexuality in your movies, please and thank you

“once upon a time,
in a social media far away,
a ig entry was made and it had most of the community in dismay…”

i respect honesty.
if you aren’t comfortable being around gays,
i’d respect anyone if they were honest.
honest without being ignorant.
in most disney flicks,
the prince and princess always kiss to seal their love.
according to masika kalysha,
one of the randoms on the “love and hiphop” seroes,
she doesn’t like how progressive disney has become.
she had an opinion and well…

…and of course ti and boosie agreed.

ti who can’t even be faithful to his kid’s mama.
boosie who has seen jail more than a few times.
who am i to judge tho?

masika needs to be 110% with her audience:

She doesn’t want her kid seeing two males kissing

i would have respected if she was honest.
the whole post reeked of slight homophobia to me.
i doubt this would have even been made if it was two straights kissing.
she doesn’t want her kid seeing two males kissing,
but don’t disguise the post as anything other than.
if she flat out said it made her uncomfortable then whatever.
i’m not stupid and neither are the rest of us.

10 thoughts on “disney: stop promoting sexuality in your movies, please and thank you

  1. I could have something to say about some characters and moods on Love and Hip Hop…rhT have been quite “Sus”…girls AND DUDES…and we ain’t even gone talk about Trap…and she’s coming for Disney????…….be across the board about it..daanng

  2. She seems to be echoing rumors from the internet than actually watching the shows herself.

    The “gay couple” in finding dory were just 2 women looking into a baby stroller. we don’t even know if they knew each other considering the scene. there was no kissing or anything.

    but twitter got all hyped with “OMG, DISNEYS FIRST GAY COUPLE” and ran with it like anything was actually taking place that remotely suggested they were.

    Disney only has 2 confirmed gay characters in recent years. Lefou from beauty and the beast who didn’t even say he was gay and a guy in the new Jungle Cruise movie played by Jack Whitehall and we KNOW it’s going to be played down to the point of non-existence.

    Really, she’s complaining about nothing white simultaneously showing her ignorance. Needs to calm it all the way down.

  3. Then I don’t want to see a man and woman kiss. PERIOD. I don’t want to see a princess getting a prince. PERIOD. Because that has to do with sexuality. Stop sexualizing Disney!

    Disney is the Holy Grail and has never had a lesbian series, gay characters and is straight and for Christians.

    1. ^^ What you and Jamari said. I’m glad others are seeing it. I agree with Jamari, if she’s homophobic then just come out (pun intended) and say it if she’s going to say anything at all, because if not, she should just keep her mouth shut because just as Cornelius C. says, I’m going to need to see her typing ifor EVERY Disney production where there is ANY expression of sexuality between the male and female lead characters and I want to see the same level of conviction, that is, IF it’s really about “SEXUALITY” that she’s subjecting her child to *rolls eyes*. If it’s not about homosexuality or heterosexuality and its about “SEXUALITY” then why is she only waiting until now to font? She shoulda BEEN and STAYED fonting for at least the last 60 years.

      She needs ot know that her misplaced anger IS about her hangups about homosexuality and she were too coward to even be straight (again, pun intended) about it. She needs to stop trying to be smart. Leave that to the experts.

      She buggin.

      1. ^once ti and boosie agreed,
        two of the biggest alleged homophobes in the industry,
        i had no doubt in my mind the direction she was going.

        i wasn’t fooled at all.

      2. Hi everyone (please dont attack me for my opposing view) I have been an avid reader of Jamari for a couple of years now, I am a huge fan! But I don’t think masikka is homophobic for having an opinion that’s different to how we feel or imagine our world to progress to. Its just an all round iffy subject.

        They’ve always had effeminate characters in disney which is fine that speaks for itself. A lot has changed since I was a kid and I’m only 24. But where is the line between representation and promotion? I’ve been gay from childhood and gay cartoon characters were the least of my worries. I don’t think there is a need for gay cartoons. Sexuality should be the least of grown men and womens concerns when making cartoons for children, I think its low-key perverted to a degree. The straights and gays that make these movies have their own reality of what it means to be gay. I don’t think gay children need gay cartoons, they need love and acceptance. If anything its the parents that need lessons on how to love their possibly gay children. It all starts at home, they are the ones who are going to build either a positive member of tue community or a messy bitch. Children just want to be entertained it could be a story about a rock as long as its compelling they’ll tune in. I loved finding nemo and that movie was about fish, didnt make me want to be a fish but it did make me miss my dad. Every children’s movie needs a moral and a positive outcome more than just falling in love. I think what I’m trying to say is children need a movie that will make them feel super, confident, appreciated and adding importance to them. Cartoons are a fantasy and what we allow are children to fantasize about if realistic will manifest.

        We should be teaching children to love everyone no matter their difference rather than focusing on the things that make us different. She has the right to her view but disney is built on romance/attachment stories and that probably won’t change.

        1. So do we cancel the straight characters too ? I mean children should be focusing on being super or something and not sexuality right?

          Further, what does representation even look like to you? As you said, seeing fish didn’t make you want to be a fish so how is the mere presence of a gay character “promotion”? Where is that line to you?

        2. @Iamhere not trying to attack you but I think you’re missing the point. The fact that it’s “perverted” when they introduce a gay narrative in a Disney film but it’s not when they introduce the countless straight narratives in every aspect of the media is what’s problematic here and clearly a double standard. Again, if what you you’re saying holds water then I need to see you call into question ANYTHING and EVERYTHING having to do with sexuality and “let kids focus on being kids” as you all are saying, or you’re basically a hypocrite.

          You guys are acting as if kids don’t start recognizing very basic levels of sexuality from very early on. I’m sure most of us gay men can attest to that; a lot of testimonials here about being chastised for being feminine or being a “sissy” or some other nomination = sexual development.

          I’m not necessarily arguing for or against “gay cartoon representation” because that topic can have its nuances, but I’m not going to stand for masked homophobia. I will always call out masked hate. If you don’t want to see gay representation in the media, then just own your demons and say that or don’t say anything at all. None of this pussy shit from that random chick or T.I or whoever. NONE of it.

          Don’t fall for it.

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