king james gets his butt in the gym (hump day happenings)

as you know,
or don’t,
but king james is about to dominate in la next season.
he is a laker now and shit might just get ugly.
bye cleveland.
 i don’t care what anyone tells me,
but king james has one of the best nba bawdies in the league.
a foxholer sent me videos of him working out recently.
this was the first (hump day happy)…

here are two more:

i see why savannah stays pregnant.
i don’t blame her.
king james looks like he isn’t coming to play.
i’m ready to see what he got.

lowkey: i’m so glad i got to see him play ball two years ago.
in person,
his bawdy is crazy.
believe or not,
he’s also handsome too.
you know i love a big ass nose on a wolf.

i’ll allow him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “king james gets his butt in the gym (hump day happenings)”

  1. Sorry to be the spoiler, but um……..nope!…nada for the kid here…and either he has on some hella snug under garments, or he really isn’t workin’ w/ anything huh?…ijs…I mean even the smallen peens make some kinda mini bulge…I didn’t see nuffin’ *reviews video again*…nope

    1. Thats not true. Some dudes doesn’t have a bulge. Look at porn star Nat Turnher. He doesn’t have a bulge. And look at Love and Hip Hop Atl neither Bk Brasco nor Shooter have bulges and they wear them small ass sweats. So, not all dudes gonna give you that speed bump in the front. lol

  2. Yeah that squat was a lil bit. My grandma can go lower and she’s 87..

    Good to see him staying fit though.

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