the spies who didn’t shag me

nothing worst than when your boss has a spy.
someone they know that tells them everything on the low.
it’s horrible when there is more than one.
you could be minding your business,
but randomly pulled to the side over bullshit.
that was my experience today.
well about to be

so on my break,
i ended up talking to someone at their desk.
that isn’t against company policy.
it’s my 15 minute break and it’s never been an issue before.
after my break,
i went back to my desk to finish something i was working on.
that’s when i got a call from someone else i know.

just a heads up.
one of your bosses spies in hr saw you talking just now.
they came and asked me who you were and why you were chatting.
they said they sent an email to your boss about it.”

all i could thinkwas:

i can’t even talk to anyone on my break now?
last week or so,
i was taking a call at a desk i was covering.
as soon as i get back to my desk,
my boss brings into the office:

“were you on the phone making personal calls today?
someone saw you and i’m clarifying.”

excuse me?
how the fuck did they even know it was a personal call?
it was actually a business call.
i saw who it was that told too.
she walked by the desk like twice.
it’s not even just me.
i’ve seen others get in trouble because of the spy games.
it’s so bad,
folks in my department warned me who the spies are.
they’re all tight with my boss.
eating lunch and going out together.
are they eating her pussy too?
i need these old she-jackals to get a life.
i hope they’re being paid extra for this type of shit.

lowkey: i really don’t fuckin care.
spy away bitches!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “the spies who didn’t shag me”

  1. I wouldn’t last five minutes there. If you’re so busy watching me you couldn’t possibly be doing your job to the best of your abilities.

    HR’s job is to support the employees, not be surveillance.

    I hope you’ve been saturating your resume out there. Sounds like a very toxic environment

  2. I would put it out there to those in the vicinity that they really need to mind their business. I don’t play that mess. Keep my name out of your mouth. I don’t care who you are, or think you are tight with.

    If I KNEW who it was, that individual and I would DEFINITELY have a conversation, and I’d make sure they understand my viewpoint.

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