Nelly Gets Blown… Up.

For a fool and his money soon part…
…. according to ex-manager.

Uh oh.
Looks like a cat was let out a bag…
and that muthafucka happened to be a Loose Cannon…

A D List woman looking for a come up herself?

Sounds like Mike Tyson’s career.
I kid.

But alas, Nelly has been on the decline these last few years.
I can’t say that I liked his music (since I did end up using Country Grammar as a coaster)
Nelly is just nice to look at and has a Body That Needs To Be Fucked.
He never really used that body the way he should have.
Instead of eye fuckin’ us into buying his records,
he chose to sing country songs and deep meaningful lyrics.
Take a page from LL Cool J.
Naked worked for him before his rap career was put to rest.
At least LL is on a top rated show acting his muscles off.
Nelly is doing shows at Riverfest in WhereTheHell USA.
How the mighty have fallen.
This recession and Twitter is really bringing out the worst in celebrities.

Attention Foxes and Vixens…

If you planned on fuckin’ and suckin’ Nelly for some kind of cum up, think again.
You’ll also be joining him on his hands and knees, begging.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Nelly Gets Blown… Up.”

  1. he is still fine …. the main effect of steroids is the inability to get the dick hard… so the choose is hard body or hard dick.

  2. Just to put this out there: Slim isn’t Nelly’s manager and according to Nelly, he’s the one that put Slim on.

    Nelly_Mo Nelly_Mo
    3rd Ino some hoping that 4closure statement is tru but I’m sorry”EPIC FAIL””!anytime any1 n STL wanna match deeds or pinkslips HOLLA!#FACTS
    20 hours ago
    Nelly_Mo Nelly_Mo
    2nd don’t nothing go in this body but fish,chicken,turkey,protein,ROZAY,ciroc remy and Budweiser!!and MIKEnIKES,LONDONandSONS!!
    21 hours ago
    Nelly_Mo Nelly_Mo
    1st if u Believe slim was my manager then this is pointless anyway!”I MADE SLIM”!but this is the thanx I get 4given some1 from crib a shot!

    Nelly > whoever this guy is…

  3. he use to cream my shorts now i find this out. like i said about chingy its them stl rappers

  4. since you know steroids number one effect he wasn’t “hittin it” hard !

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