was chris brown allegedly getting high or taking a booger out his nose?

celebs and alleged drug use go together like fat kids and cake.
this might be a shocker to some but…

Many of them are functioning addicts

i’ve heard stories of many of our favs getting high af.
being a celeb ain’t easy.
some of these attentionistos are getting high too.
there is a video of chris brown that has everyone talking today.
it’s chris doing alleged coke in a dallas club.
this is the video via “billboard atl“…

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Chris Foerster Misses Licking Coke Off The Ratchet Pussy

i have no desire to do coke.
it doesn’t look appealing,
plus i don’t like how others get when they’re on it.
well apparently and allegedly,
chris foerster knows a thing a two about it.
he was the miami dolphins offensive line coach.
his stripper she-hyena exposed him allegedly doing a few lines.
this is what she allegedly posted,
and get this,
on her facebook
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Rihanna Ain’t The One Hun

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.26.12 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.26.19 PMthey stay trying to assault rihanna character,
don’t they?
vixen just had the #1 movie and song too.
so they tried to imply rih was doing coke in this video:

…and i’m sure it looks very convincing.
well rihanna made sure to show us what was really going.
peep her instagram upload…

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Rihanna Allegedly Caught Doing Coke?

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 1.09.47 PM

rihanna is having fun right now in barbados for crop over,
but did her friend catch her allegedly snortin?
well thats what everyone who is an idiot is saying today,
but i’ll let you judge for yourself at the beginning of this video…

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i invite you to an industry event one night.
now this isn’t the typical kind of function with hiphop wannabes.
this is a mixed crowd.
one with different kind of foxhole members.
you meet this guy:

tumblr_mjx127w9cQ1qliludo1_500he is feelin you.
you are feelin him.
numbers are exchanged.
good work.
weeks go by and you guys still talk.
he lives here:

tumblr_mknjc4MZyL1sn058vo1_500he lets you drive his:

tumblr_m1a05zsD3i1qe7psko1_500on the downside,
he likes a little of this:

tumblr_mk6uz0YQFx1qaw41go1_500…every once in a blue moon.
he isn’t hooked.
it’s a party drug.
he has a lot of money and connections.
he knows your birthday is coming up.
next week actually.
he wants to do something different for you.
he can buy you a crib,
and clothes whenever you want.
he says he will…

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Nelly Gets Blown… Up.

For a fool and his money soon part…
…. according to ex-manager.

Uh oh.
Looks like a cat was let out a bag…
and that muthafucka happened to be a Loose Cannon…

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