i invite you to an industry event one night.
now this isn’t the typical kind of function with hiphop wannabes.
this is a mixed crowd.
one with different kind of foxhole members.
you meet this guy:

tumblr_mjx127w9cQ1qliludo1_500he is feelin you.
you are feelin him.
numbers are exchanged.
good work.
weeks go by and you guys still talk.
he lives here:

tumblr_mknjc4MZyL1sn058vo1_500he lets you drive his:

tumblr_m1a05zsD3i1qe7psko1_500on the downside,
he likes a little of this:

tumblr_mk6uz0YQFx1qaw41go1_500…every once in a blue moon.
he isn’t hooked.
it’s a party drug.
he has a lot of money and connections.
he knows your birthday is coming up.
next week actually.
he wants to do something different for you.
he can buy you a crib,
and clothes whenever you want.
he says he will…

surgery-tools…pay for you to get plastic surgery.
whatever you want done,
he will pay for it.
he is fine if you don’t accept,
but he wants you to be your best self.
especially in your new hollywood circle.
everyone usually gets an upgrade in the “looks” department.
look these kind of offers don’t happen often.


11 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (55)

  1. I would get what I needed and keep it moving. You can be fine with yourself all day. I am more concerned with my inner workings but know I am judged by my outer shell.

  2. I agree with supadupa, I definitely like the way I look but I mean pec implants are cheap and if hes payin i’m down for it. Sometime a lil work is good. A chemical peel and laser hair removal would be too badd.

  3. ill go for my consultation and get the works. lol, nah maybe just some chemical peels and laser treatments. but, if he ballin like that ill def get AT LEAST a nice condo out of it (IN MY NAME). & like the above poster said just keep him around to network and get into other exclusive parties w/ richer guys

  4. I wouldn’t take him up on the plastic surgery offer. I’m comfortable with my looks, hell this random chick in the bar came up to me and said I was perfection. I would also keep in contact with. I’m an a serious networker. The only way you are getting a job and getting a come up is through who you know, so I definitely don’t burn bridges and keep the line of communication open.

    Also, Jamari the other day I was in school and I was talking to my friend an this “straight” buff Indian wolf, that is an acquaintance with was sitting next to them. Anyway when I was talking my friend dude was looking me straight up and down and he didn’t think I could see, but I did through the corner of my eye. When I tell you this dude is be sneaking glances. We actually almost hooked up but my roommate fucked it up, but that’s another story.

    1. ^you got it!!!!
      mindblown got it.
      his snortin’ has nothing to do with you.
      his connections and where he can possibly take you is why you keep him around.
      plus the lambo!!!
      he lets you drive it!!!

      dont you love the sneakin’ glances?
      you have spring/summer to hook up with him.
      the possibility is still open.

      1. I surely due especially when they are fine. I had it one night. I came home one night after partying. So I went to his room and asked to borrow his bottle opener. So he asked if he can join me, I said yeah. So we go to my room and I’m about to open the door and he asked if my roommate was there and I said idk. Of course when I open the door my roommate was there and dude said he had to go to bed. Don’t you just hate cock blockers intentional or not.

  5. He’s fine and all, but I have to stay away from peeps that do that shit. I have to cut him off. I will not date a dude that snorts.

    LOL *looks in the mirror* I do not need an upgrade, and I never will lol.

  6. He gets kicked to the curb, and I’m back at the perfume counter…pushing “Summer Rain” to matrons and husbands looking for last minute anniversary gifts.

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