He Is About To Go To Jail For Having To Whup The Caps Off Their Knees!

4-3-13-GREGORY-HORN_C4F07i knew they would catch him.
white people don’t play that abusive shit….
so i know you remember this:

x flashback

it got some good comments about it.
well that mugshot is conclusion to that story…

DAYTON — A Dayton man has been indicted on charges of child endangering, corporal punishment, after police said he beat his daughters.

Police said Greg Horn, 35,  is accused of whipping his daughters in the legs with a video cable that connected his TV to his DVD player.

The alleged abuse happened at Horn’s home on Fotip Lane.

According to the police report, one of the girls had visible welts on both  legs in the thigh area with open wounds.

The girls told police the beatings were their punishment for sneaking out of the house.

The indictment comes this first week of Child Abuse Awareness Month.

“The goal is to always keep kids safe,” said Kevin Lavoie from Montgomery County Children Services.

Abuse cases involving children are up. Children Services investigated more than 4,702 cases last year,  nearly 100 more cases than in 2011.

Lavoie said their hopes are to lower that number, and to urge people to report the abuse.

“We don’t  want people to have any reservations about calling 224- KIDS and letting us know about a circumstance or a concern.”

Lavoie said that when reporting abuse, you don’t have to give your  name or know for certain that abuse is actually happening.

“It may be nothing.  But rather than analyze it, let our specialists figure it  out and the best course of action.”

In the case of Greg Horn, detectives said the abuse happened when the girls were visiting their father, and their mother noticed the injuries and  called police.

Horn is scheduled to be in court April 16 for his arraignment  hearing.


1280319878_parrot-is-playing-deadremember back in the day,
when you parents use to threaten you and say:


getyou…and if you even thought about picking up the phone,
they would clean knock your head off your shoulders?
those days are over.

lowkey: he looks like when he get outta jail,
he gonna low key whoop their ases.

lowkey 2: i wonder what rochelle woulda done if chris,
and tanya sent her to jail.

x everybody hates chris

14 thoughts on “He Is About To Go To Jail For Having To Whup The Caps Off Their Knees!

  1. It’s not that he beat them, it’s what he BEAT them with. If he beat them with a belt he would be at home as I type. Belts don’t really leave marks, some of y’all might have some bad experiences with them and maybe y’all got marked up lol. Those cords probably stung the hell out of them.

    1. ^i got whupped with an extension cord LOL
      i had this big ass welt on my leg.
      i know exactly what you mean.
      i think if he had got shown whuppin them with a leather belt,
      it would have been just as bad.
      people didn’t like the screaming.
      i felt they were doing more than they should with all that hollering.

  2. love these comments guys.
    is there anyone who is FOR him getting arrested.
    i know the black vixens hate him judging from the responses i have seen.

      1. No, I got my ass whipped a LOT when I was younger, but I don’t believe he should have beat them for the simple fact that they were dancing.

  3. CPS needs to find something else to waste money on.

    They ain’t feeding these kids, housing these kids, or providing them any assistance whatsoever. So what right do they have to come in and tell a parent how to discipline their child?

    I got whipped as a kid. Made me a better man.

  4. bullshiit those kids gonna end up pregnant and wishing daddy hit them harder to learn

  5. He beat him so hard that they had welts?! O_O! Ok, he didn’t have to beat them that hard, but I do agree with Butter’s statement about him being in jail won’t solve anything.

  6. In Sweden, it’s criminal to even grab your children’s arm in order to get them to move. Parents have no rights whatsoever to do anything to their children, and I mean anything! It’s crazy. out here. These kids fear no one and have zero respect for authority! Because they know CPS is only a call away… But society will pay for it b/c one day these kids will be in control. I once heard a comedian say, “if children our he future, then we need a back up plan.” Looking at these youth, I detect no lies in that statement.

    Him being in jail won’t help anybody. Just more children without a father who cared enough to be upset with them sneaking out the house.

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