Fast Car

tumblr_ndqsr3aSYu1todri2o1_500i had a dream i was whippin’ a black lambo on this highway last night.
i was racing with this straight wolf i use to be cool with.
we were also with some other people i couldn’t make out.
those people were in a mini van.
i could have sworn there was also a vixen i use to work with in the dream.
we were all driving somewhere,
but since the wolf and i both had the fastest cars,
we were trying to compete with each other.
i was in my car solo.
i could feel my hands on the steering wheel,
the leather seats under me,
and the feeling of driving really fast.
the dream felt crazy real.
i woke up as i was driving down some dark road in this forest.
i had to check out what the dream meant because my fox senses were buzzing.
 i headed right to the internet and “dreammoods” popped up…
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i invite you to an industry event one night.
now this isn’t the typical kind of function with hiphop wannabes.
this is a mixed crowd.
one with different kind of foxhole members.
you meet this guy:

tumblr_mjx127w9cQ1qliludo1_500he is feelin you.
you are feelin him.
numbers are exchanged.
good work.
weeks go by and you guys still talk.
he lives here:

tumblr_mknjc4MZyL1sn058vo1_500he lets you drive his:

tumblr_m1a05zsD3i1qe7psko1_500on the downside,
he likes a little of this:

tumblr_mk6uz0YQFx1qaw41go1_500…every once in a blue moon.
he isn’t hooked.
it’s a party drug.
he has a lot of money and connections.
he knows your birthday is coming up.
next week actually.
he wants to do something different for you.
he can buy you a crib,
and clothes whenever you want.
he says he will…

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Joe Haden Is a Life Saver

I love reading about people who do good.
Especially when I was down yesterday, this story made me smile….

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