Getting Bullied? Get Plastic Surgery!

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 6.32.35 PMeveryone meet gage berger.
he is six years old.
he was getting bullied because of the size of his ears.
well to hell with faked sicknesses and endless amounts of therapy!
his parents did the next best thing
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My Mirror Tells Me That I’m Ugly

tumblr_n3uq44sHXb1r62zwpo2_r1_500i have a couple questions and there are not meant to be insulting.
okay ready?
here goes…
have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you were “ugly”?
have you looked in the mirror and one flaw meant the end of the world?
and have you ever compared yourself to other people?
its okay.
you don’t need to feel embarrassed.
i’m not going to judge you.
its just me and you.
trust a lot of us have felt that way once or twice in our lives.
many people no matter how:

how much money they have
getting good pussy/ass/pipe on the regular

…feel that way every single day.
well you may suffer from “body dysmorphic disorder” and not even realize it.
i’ll tell you what that is…
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i invite you to an industry event one night.
now this isn’t the typical kind of function with hiphop wannabes.
this is a mixed crowd.
one with different kind of foxhole members.
you meet this guy:

tumblr_mjx127w9cQ1qliludo1_500he is feelin you.
you are feelin him.
numbers are exchanged.
good work.
weeks go by and you guys still talk.
he lives here:

tumblr_mknjc4MZyL1sn058vo1_500he lets you drive his:

tumblr_m1a05zsD3i1qe7psko1_500on the downside,
he likes a little of this:

tumblr_mk6uz0YQFx1qaw41go1_500…every once in a blue moon.
he isn’t hooked.
it’s a party drug.
he has a lot of money and connections.
he knows your birthday is coming up.
next week actually.
he wants to do something different for you.
he can buy you a crib,
and clothes whenever you want.
he says he will…

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Dawn Richard Comes Face to Face With A New Look.

so i know you guys remember this dawn richard?


well everyone meet the alleged new dawn…

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The Many Faces of Lil’ Kim

lil kim was such a pretty vixen:

remember how sexy she was?
when you have too much “yes” people,
too much money,
and too much issues,
well this is what happens…

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Booty Butt Cheeks…. Gone Sour?

for all those who dream of heading under the air hose to pump up ya booty.
an f-bi sent me a picture from facebook:

“This is the dangers of butt implants… Ladies do not ever do silicone butt injections they are toxic to your body. Butt implants are not any better, too many risk, infection, displacement of the implant and they feel like rocks not to mention look very unnatural. Love the skin your in… 

Here is what happens when implants go bad.. Please do not flag it can help save a life. This is my personal experience I almost died from this surgery and am having them removed this thursday….”

be warned.
these are the new sour butt cheeks…

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