Dawn Richard Comes Face to Face With A New Look.

so i know you guys remember this dawn richard?


well everyone meet the alleged new dawn…


what do you guys think?

lowkey: i’ll have whoever did “this
information for those already asking soon.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Dawn Richard Comes Face to Face With A New Look.”

  1. Need some receipts please: Live video performance, VH1 reality show, etc.

    Doesn’t even look like the same person after surgery.

    LL Cool J looks like same.

    Nene looks the same.

    I don’t know who this chick is.

  2. Black women aren’t secure with their skin color anymore, it’s a shame. Not only has she lightened her skin, but she has a new nose too, but I must admit she doesn’t look bad.

      1. She is suffering from self hate in my opinion. If you don’t like something and you change it, that obviously means you did not like it.

  3. Her nose is much better. But she’s still is unattractive. But I’m not with all the photo editing to make herself look light skin. She is a chocolate girl. EMBRACE IT. But you all already know how I feel about the dark skin light skin thing anyways. But more power to her, she didn’t like something and she changed it. Never found her attractive tho, and outside of Danity Kane she is weak sauce.

    1. Ok you don’t have to keep dwelling on the fact that you don’t find her
      attractive. dude like you seem really shallow as fuck.

  4. This is how you are supposed to look after getting plastic surgery. It should be an improvement not a downgrade. She looks good.

  5. Loving it she was fine the old way but i liking the new her as well. To all the haters of the body augmentation surgery, gay men go to gym and bulk up like Hercules to feel better about them-selves i mean how many twinks blow up over night at the end of the day we all self-conscious about something.

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