aubrey o’day looks very… different from when you may have last saw her

danity kane was special,
wasn’t it?
their first two albums are pretty iconic.
aubrey o’day was always the “speak her mind” within that group.
i fucked with her.
i fuck with anyone who doesn’t back down.
over the years,
she has morphed into “i don’t even know what“:

well i was alerted on her alleged new look and…

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today was different than the rest

i had an amazing day today.
i didn’t win the lottery or anything,
but it was just a really positive experience.
ever since i had to sage tf out my crib,
and started carrying two crystals i charged with me,
i noticed a shift in the energy.

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We’re Different (We’ve Been Told)

tumblr_nrhxvrJLaU1tlrygpo1_500you ever just felt like some of these animals just don’t get “you”

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1800x1500the mtv vmas steps it up with all the various camera angles.
they don’t play.
right now i’m watching the red carpet cam with jason collins on the red carpet.
all the juicy stuff really happens here:

x watch all the behind the scenes drama here

lowkey: paula patton looks high again.

Kanye West Balls Were Being Squeezed On The Kris Jenner Show

1361549896_tumblr_majvhsIQrn1r46hzdo1_500i love kanye west.
i love him.
i do.
he’s going to appear on the kris jenner showfinale this friday and something is different.
is it just me or does his voice sound…

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Mr Popular, Where Are All Your Hoes Now?

“to the left, to the left”…

tumblr_m6gbj8YlOp1rul1syo1_400how true is that statement?
they say we are all replaceable.
the crazy part is,
people do not believe they are.
they think they will continue to be on top for ever.
worst when they are shittin on and using everybody.
some of you are talented enough to keep reinventing.
god has blessed you with “something” that keeps people interested.
you are talented so you don’t have to worry.
plus you are a good person and people can see that.
others depend on their looks,
or body parts.
“clocks a tickin’.”
when your time is up…

Are you okay with that?

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