We’re Different (We’ve Been Told)

tumblr_nrhxvrJLaU1tlrygpo1_500you ever just felt like some of these animals just don’t get “you”

i have been feeling this way lately.
it seems to ping louder each day.
it has me wondering if that’s why i’m single.
even doing this blogging thing,
i haven’t approached it like all the popular ones.
it is a lonelier journey when you stay in your own lane.
i live my life that way.
sometimes i swerve into others because i stand out when i don’t fit in.

i know a lot of animals within my forest,
but only a select few understand me.
social media can be a dangerous thing.
it will have you thinking you’re a weirdo compared to others.
everyone is:

at every ribbon cutting
smokin’ hookah or weed
look flawless in selfies and live action video
working out 24/7

…and then there is “you”.

StdULHPSni728“you” aren’t doing those things.
that makes you different.
when you try and attempt to be “that”,
they say you are “trying too hard” or “screaming for attention”.
that explains taking down your selfies when you don’t get any “likes”.
the crazy part is,
when you show your personality to the world,
it seems like no one ever notices or even cares.


So what do they want from “you”?

they ostracize you for being yourself,
but they talk about you for being the same.
no wonder we admire “the kardashians”.
they are accepted for all their foolishness,
no matter what they do,
and they are still put on a pedestal.
kim was on the cover for forbes and all she does is take selfies and wear a corset.
it’s crazy how the world pushes you to “be yourself”.
i often feel like it’s from a “white privilege” perspective.
blacks have it much harder.
it’s like a set up so you can’t win,
especially when the world doesn’t seem to even like “you”.


lowkey: and why do they finally get “you” once you come up?
i feel that is everyone who is famous story.

4 thoughts on “We’re Different (We’ve Been Told)

  1. This is soooo me I don’t play sports, I’m not in the gym showing off my body on the gram, and I’m a shy weirdo. Trust I understand pineapples not understanding you while you’re just trying to do you

  2. I feel this post on a spiritual level. I’ve been feeling kinda down lately because it seems like finding a relationship/companionship is next to impossible in this “world” we live in. Especially when you don’t have a certain look or act a certain way. I’m hopeful that I’ll find someone who loves me just for me but this most are so shallow in our community. It sucks.

  3. I feel those of us whom are different have a bigger purpose. A turtle can’t possibly understand the vision of a giraffe. They could dwell in the same place but their perspectives are on different scales. I’ve come to grips with my individuality and I’ve accepted who I am. I rather die an individual than to live as an monolithic clone. Clones don’t stand the tests of time. One day the Kardashians will be usurped from their throne of pop culture royalty. It’s always a new pop phenomenon that arises in the form of a white blonde blue eyed person lol

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