Now This Is Who Nelly Should Have Done “Dilemma” With!

Nelly-and-Kelly-Rowland-in-Dilemmanelly’s lips in that video…
one of my favorite songs from nelly is “dilemma”.

the chemistry between kelly rowland and him was magic.
i wore that song out when i first heard it.
thank God a friend bought the cd and i burned it.
i learned my lesson with “country grammar”.

well nelly decided to perform it at a party in the hamptons.
kelly wasn’t answering his calls apparently so he did it with


i literally busted out laughing.
whoever that was hollering didn’t have to do it that loud!
it would have been me.

lowkey: i love when snow animals do the leg tap when they start to dance.
the head starts bobbin up and down and the hands start doing something random.

video credited: baller alert

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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