Nelly Has Some Admissions He Left Out In His Rape Scandal?

you gonna see why nelly posted ^this picture recently in a minute.
so i’m just gonna font it.
ashanti dodged a bullet.
in the game of “who will die unhappy”,
it looks like it might be shantel jackson.
nelly allegedly admitted there’s more to the “rape” story.
this is what “the jasmine brand” had to report…
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Nelly, You’re Free To Go.

well it looks like nelly beat another case again.
he has been cleared of all charges from his alleged rape charge.
this is what people reported…
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So Nelly Allegedly Out Here Raping Vixens Now?

after darren sharper,
incredibly one of the finest baller wolves,
got accused and convicted of rape,
good looks don’t mean shit.
i woke up today to hear nelly,
one of the finest rapper wolves,
was arrested of alleged rape today.
well i caught the flu,
but you know i’m ready
this is what tmz had to say…
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Now This Is Who Nelly Should Have Done “Dilemma” With!

Nelly-and-Kelly-Rowland-in-Dilemmanelly’s lips in that video…
one of my favorite songs from nelly is “dilemma”.

the chemistry between kelly rowland and him was magic.
i wore that song out when i first heard it.
thank God a friend bought the cd and i burned it.
i learned my lesson with “country grammar”.

well nelly decided to perform it at a party in the hamptons.
kelly wasn’t answering his calls apparently so he did it with
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Nelly Scores Another Hit

Nelly-sexy-shirtless-Instagram-9so the last hit nelly had was in 2012.
oh wait…
we aren’t talking about music this time.
i think the last was time was “grillz”?
or was it “hot n hurr”?
i don’t even remember.
i think i paid attention to him musically when he debuted his jail bawdy.

nelly-stepped-on-my-j-s-oanyway we are talking about him getting busted with drugs and weapons last night.
being the drug of choice.
us weekly has more on this fiasco…

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Nelly Out Hurr Beatin Up Coochie (Gettin Vixen’s Beat Down)

Celebrity-Instagram-Nelly-sexy-shirtlessi mean…
his body>>>>
greg hardy,
baller wolf for the carolina panthers,
beat his vixen to a pulp for her “short lived” relationship with nelly.
“short lived” being they were probably fucking.
you know what means…
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