ashanti and nelly make “spin the block” look good

after years of being in no contact,
getting into other relationships,
and 1/2 having new mouths to feed,
it seems like ashanti and nelly are back together in 2023.
^this is them at the gc black ball.


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the gp is split down the middle with opinions.

Some were hoping they’d get back together.
Others think she is crazy, especially with how he treated her.

…but can people change enough for that reconnect?
who we were in our teens,
we aren’t in our 20s,
and who we were in our 30s is not who we are in…
you get the picture.

i’ve been thinking a lot about getting back with those from your past.
this can even be about friendships,
estranged family members,
and returning to jobs we left many moons ago.
we all know that facebook is where the past tends to find us again but…

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herschel walker danced to nelly’s dilemma and he might have kilt it

one of my favorite songs is “dilemma” from nelly and kelly rowland.
when i font you that…

I ???????? WORE ???????? THAT ???????? SONG ???????? OUT! ????????

“all i think about is you…”
good ol 20o2.
there are a slew of songs from that era that remind me of my first wolf.

i think thats the only song i listened to on that album.
one of the foxholers clearly wanted me to hate the song now.
they sent me a video of ex baller jackal,
herschel walker,
dancing to the song in a “they coulda kept this” special…

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The following is Reading-MA
Adult content, Nudity, Sexual Situations

he might have taken all off his clothes on ig.
i’ll never forget when nelly debuted “bawdy”.

remember that era?
it was when modeling for sean john underwear

it was a dream of mine to see him naked.
i knew it would probably never happen but in 222,
i guess his alleged sex tape popped up his ig stories


Nelly Has Some Admissions He Left Out In His Rape Scandal?

you gonna see why nelly posted ^this picture recently in a minute.
so i’m just gonna font it.
ashanti dodged a bullet.
in the game of “who will die unhappy”,
it looks like it might be shantel jackson.
nelly allegedly admitted there’s more to the “rape” story.
this is what “the jasmine brand” had to report…
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Nelly, You’re Free To Go.

well it looks like nelly beat another case again.
he has been cleared of all charges from his alleged rape charge.
this is what people reported…
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So Nelly Allegedly Out Here Raping Vixens Now?

after darren sharper,
incredibly one of the finest baller wolves,
got accused and convicted of rape,
good looks don’t mean shit.
i woke up today to hear nelly,
one of the finest rapper wolves,
was arrested of alleged rape today.
well i caught the flu,
but you know i’m ready
this is what tmz had to say…
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