Nelly, You’re Free To Go.

well it looks like nelly beat another case again.
he has been cleared of all charges from his alleged rape charge.
this is what people reported…

Rapper Nelly has been booked and released without being charged following his rape arrest in Auburn, Wash., his lawyer and manager tell USA TODAY.

In an email, manager Juliette Harris said he will not make Saturday’s scheduled tour stop in Ridgefield, Wash., where he was due to play a show with country duo Florida Georgia Line.

…but according to tmz tho,
the accuser isn’t going down with a fight:

The woman who claims Nelly raped her says she had been partying with him before he forced her to have sex without a condom, but Nelly’s lawyer says he will expose her for what she is … a liar.

We’ve learned the 21-year-old Seattle resident claims she met Nelly at a club in Washington, where she and her friends drank at his table and got “tipsy.”

She says she was invited to an after-party and drove off with Nelly’s people. The woman says she was taken to Nelly’s tour bus.  

She says she was in Nelly’s room with him when he tried to have sex with her and she said no. She claims Nelly told her to “shut up” and said he wanted to have sex with her without protection, which she says he did over her objections.  

The woman says, afterward, Nelly offered her money, but she declined, and then a woman came up and said, “You gotta go.” She kicked her off the bus and threw $100 at her.

Nelly’s lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, tells TMZ, “It does not surprise me that she wanted to have her story publicized. That is playbook 101 of a person with an agenda and clearly she has one. The agenda is money, fame and notoriety.”

Rosenblum says he has an investigator on the case and “we will be able to show by objective evidence and unbiased witnesses that she has zero credibility.”

The lawyer adds, “She’s a person who is making a dangerous, fraudulent allegation to accomplish her own goals.”

nelly also had something to say via his twitter:

i’m glad he decided to speak out on it.
the whole situation is weird af,
but glad to know his reputation is being cleared.
not to take away anything from nelly,
but it was funny to see so much “he would never!”.
i didn’t think:

usher would be in a alleged herpes scandal
darren sharper would have to drug vixens to get pussy
see the above for the alleged bill cosby allegations
“whatever his name was” from glee would be booked for child porn
ALL the attentionistos who are “gay for pay” and other debauchery

…and the list goes on and on.
in this world of foxholing,
and all the stuff the foxhole sends me,
i’ve been fooled/disappointed/”they would never!”before.
now i learned to “keep my nose in the story”.
another thing ive noticed is,
to some,
vixens are the automatic “devil” to wolves.
some tend to believe wolves over vixens in these stories.
that being said,
and all the evidence being presented,
“fuck that hoe” and a “keep on living” to nelly.

lowkey: not “run ins” with the law for nelly per last entry.
“run in” with charges dropped.
confusing him with ti.

article: people | tmz

5 thoughts on “Nelly, You’re Free To Go.

  1. I just wonder what his girlfriend has to say about all of this. She disabled all of the comments on her recent IG pictures. The Shaderoom posted a video of them booed up about a week or two ago LOL. This just goes to show that rappers/ball players have no respect in regards of their relationships. They may show you out like you the main trophy in front of the world but behind closed doors they are fucking every hoe that is first in line after all of their shows. Most men are only as faithful as their options. Politicians are just as seedy, they’re just usually more private with it. A lot of these rappers don’t be giving a damn who they’re screwing. And YES we all know his girlfriend ain’t going nowhere, Nelly is her meal ticket just like all of these girls who seek rich men to live a certain lifestyle.

  2. Like I said yesterday Keep your dick in your pants and you will reduce the risk of some woman you just met accusing you of rape.I see his lawyer didn’t say,”My client did not have sexual contact with this woman.” I believe he had sex with her based on what I have been reading about his hoeish tendencies.I could be wrong but I think that’s why he tweeted an apology “for putting myself in a situation”

    I didn’t mention it yesterday but I think his interaction with the little girl on stage was creepy AF.What grown man twirls a litle girls hair like that?That girl looked uncomfortable and scared of him and he acted like he was on something,IMO.

    1. I totally agree, him and usher the way they are wording things and not coming out and saying ‘ No i don’t have this” or No I din’t sleep with that woman” got me looking at them sideways.

  3. Thank you for mentioning how the vixens are automatically demonized. In general it takes a lot of strength to come forward with the truth (this situation not with standing). Because of the back lash many rape victims face coming forward, a large portion of rapes go unreported.

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