I Sucked His Dick For 2 Hours and He Ghosted Me (Out Him)

who woulda thunk…
it’s funny to see males get all in their feels.
the ones who may have been “straight” and masculine,
but getting played by other males like they did vixens.
they may have been experimenting,
but they got caught up and ended up loving a pineapple,
now they got a bullhorn and pulling someone out the closet.
it can be a hard thing to swallow.
pun intended.
well an f-bi sent me this video and well…

ima use this gif again:

…because i literally did ^that when i saw the video.
even the thugs are outing each other now.
it goes to show

You don’t know who is experimenting nowadays

…and also who is lowkey crazy af.
whole nother story.
i don’t know the background to this story,
i bet that wolf thought he could get his dick sucked with no issues.
now he getting blasted on his block for the world to see.
it also goes to show…

Feminine males aren’t always the ones to out the business

some of the real “masculine” ones get more in the feels than anything else.

please be advised.

23 thoughts on “I Sucked His Dick For 2 Hours and He Ghosted Me (Out Him)

  1. I’ll do you one better. These “straight thugs” will be ready to fuck you up when they find out you got an actual boyfriend that’s tagging THEIR ass as if you were supposed to be a dial-a-hoe when they steady hoe ain’t for their bullshyt. Will literally go through all the emotions of a grief stricken breakup…..

    1. Mancheeks64,

      Its no problem just head to Miami, Philly, Atlanta, or Memphis and you can get your choosing of all the thugs you want, just make sure you know how to throw hands in case some shit goes down.

  2. Oh Wow, I wasn’t ready for this Fuckery LOL. Well I am going to say this, thanks to Instagram, I have seen a whole new side of the game. When I say it goes down in the DM’s you can believe it. Without telling too much, the Instagram DM’s be more lit than Jack’d and Grindr. I havent use those Apps in years and from my own experiences, they have nothing on Instagram. I guess many dudes can use this to hit you up without suspicion. I like many use to be surprised by some of the going ons in these forest but not anymore. Had one dude who had me shooked when he hit up my DM’s especially after viewing his public profile versus the things he was showing and telling me in the DM’s. I used to give the side eye to my gay friends who would tell me any man could be had, thinking this is so ridiculous and that is why gay men stay getting hurt with that attitude, but now seeing a few things with my own eyes I think they may be halfway right. The game has changed.

  3. Thugs??


    With you being in New York, I would think that you all would typically see guys like this that get down on the regular. I guess, I was a lucky one to be able to experience different types of guys, cultures, and talk to some older heads that educated me on guys being more undetectable when it comes to being bi or gay, and that we are in a feminine era, but hardcore guys were always around and getting down. With the advancement of technology you are seeing different perspectives of gays and to many this is a shock. As, I was told and looking at past porn the guys were more masculine back then than they are now. Also, I am getting slow vibes from the bottom.

    1. You can generally tell if a dude is interested. They will look you up and down on the sly (at least they think it’s on the sly)…and if they’re DRUNK or tipsy, they will REALLY push up on you. I’ve had guys do that to me, ones I never suspected. The INTERESTING part is if you turn them down…then they start to panic.

  4. Um you sure this guy isn’t under the influence of something?

    This seems more like one of those videos making fun of someone out of their mind to me.

  5. I remember seeing this video days ago. It’s really sad and embarrassing.

    See in these ho parts of where I’m from, I hear countless stories of dudes with girlfriends still messing with other dudes from this Lesbian girl who says her “gay brothers” be telling her about it.

    I’m talking about the, “my girlfriend/wife is my queen, she deserves the best”, type of dudes, experimenting. πŸ™„

    There was one dude who I always low-key used to bicker with. Couldn’t stand him. He always had that sneaky vibe too.

    I don’t snitch on dudes but I do express resentment towards them once I find out they mess around with dudes while still having girlfriends or wives. If they try to hit on me through other means, it doesn’t usually end well. At least, I’ll ignore them, at worst, I’ll tell em to fuk off. Don’t come at me with that BS. I don’t out folks tho.

    The way I see it, that woman you cheating on could be my mama, aunt, sister or just a good friend. Fuk off.

    As far as experimentation. If that’s what they want to do, let em. THO, if it takes you two hours to suck a dick off…you’re pretty bad.

    1. Amen I am so with whoever wrote this statement. On another note I would be kinda embarrassed to say in public that I gave somebody head for 2hrs. I mean damn was it a class why it take so long?!?

  6. that video was something not gonna lie as ratchet as it was i got kind of turned on too lol.

    That was messy tho , I would like more of a back story but it’s not needed it’s really a shame men can’t explore their sexuality the same way woman can.

  7. 1. He is very cute
    2. This is so rachet
    3. This is what happens when you play with people’s emotions
    4. The dark skinned one is playing a dangerous game. Men go hard to maintain their image. I am concerned for his safety, who knows how the other guy is going to react later on.

  8. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wait but he confessed though! He said “I sucked yo dick for to hours member that?!” And homeboy was like, “Yeah…faggot ass nigga..” WHAT KINDA SECTION 8 IS THIS?!? People are crazy!

    1. Bruh he said he went in to get his gun. Da fuq. I bet this is in miami broward county or dade. They wild af

  9. See this why i don’t assume the worst with just the fem dudes them masc4masc ones typically have or bring that most drama.

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