Nelly Has Some Admissions He Left Out In His Rape Scandal?

you gonna see why nelly posted ^this picture recently in a minute.
so i’m just gonna font it.
ashanti dodged a bullet.
in the game of “who will die unhappy”,
it looks like it might be shantel jackson.
nelly allegedly admitted there’s more to the “rape” story.
this is what “the jasmine brand” had to report…

New details have surfaced about Nelly’s alleged rape case. Evidence, including photos and video, from the night in question have been released. Washington State police has completed the investigation and prosecutors dropped the case, as the alleged victim – Monique Greene– refused to testify.

In the police documents, both Nelly and Monique have different accounts of what allegedly happened the evening of the incident. In docs, Nelly (who is a relationship with Platinum Life reality star Shantel Jackson) is said to have told police that they had consensual, oral and vaginal sex. He says that Greene removed her own clothing and that he did not use a condom. The 43-year-old artist says that he did not ejaculate. He claimed that the woman only got upset because she thought he was involved with one of his dancers, who was also on the bus at the time.

Meanwhile, Greene paints a different story, stating that Nelly forcefully removed her pants and threw her onto the bed. She says that he told her,

You’re gonna take this d**k.

She claims the forcible sex lasted for 30 minutes. She also believes ejaculated inside her, and also on her backside and front.

She claims Nelly offered her $2,500 and asked her to stay on the bus until their next destination. She declined the money and says someone else pushed her off the bus, and Nelly threw a $100 bill at her.

Greene filed a lawsuit against Nelly for sexual assault and defamation. Nelly’s camp says he plans to sue.


now that we have gotten to the meat and potatoes of this story,
i can sort of paint a picture of it.
in my mind and alleged fonting.
what i think allegedly happened

i feel like monique came on that bus with all intent to allegedly fuck.
nelly was allegedly down to smash.
anytime a wolf says,
“you gonna take this dick”,
it means he is intending on stupidly fuckin’ your brains out.
he probably fucked her like lawrence fucked tasha in “insecure”:

as a male,
i know what “trying to bust a nut” sounds like.
it’s straight fuckin,
doggystyle only,
and no fucks on how rough it gets.

this is all going based on her accounts of how he came on/in her.
i do think she was allegedly pushed off the bus with the 100 and a boot print.
why tho?

in my head,
i don’t think she was allegedly raped,
but i do feel her feelings were hurt.
rough sex can feel like rape.
safe words,
also if the documents are true,
why would he record/take pictures her being raped?

i would have taken the 2gs and some “dick to go”.
nelly is still sexy af and he seems like a generous john.

if ima go all the way,
ima go ahead and get my bills paid.
allegedly fonting,
that is.

so i can see why nelly put that picture up before this story broke.
shantel definitely ain’t going anywhere tho.
where she going?
my thing is the unprotected sex.
males love shootin’ up in the club with randoms,
but then cry wolf when they get a baby or a “positive”.
it makes me wonder how much unprotected sex he is having?

ima nelly’s cheatin ass to get it together with some condoms.

lowkey: if these videos ever leak,
can i get foxhole signal?
for research purposes,
of course.


*this entry is all alleged thoughts.
i don’t know what happened.
i’m just going on what the article presented.
nothing i’m stating is facts.
just opinion.

article cc: the jasmine brand

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Nelly Has Some Admissions He Left Out In His Rape Scandal?”

  1. Why are dudes so obsessed with raw sex with randoms? You will put your own self at risk over a nut.. Gay men are much worse because pregnancy scares aren’t a thing here and some people don’t even ask about their status. Nelly is a fool, at his old ass age. And so is his fiancee for being such a bird. I don’t feel bad for the accuser either, sounds like a regular groupie if you ask me.

  2. I feel like she was there with the intent to get a major pay day, stuff like that happened all the time, she was thinking ” Shit this Nelly, I’m about to make a come up” based on the story it sounds like he fucked her good and told her to gtfoh, and she won’t gonna to go with just $2500, knowing that Nelly is a rapper and in a relationship, she was going to blackmail her some money,

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