Are Baller Wolves Hyped To Come Out Still A “Thing” In 2018?

since michael sam was a bust,
kerry rhodes wasn’t gay,
and the other “i came out/weee!!” baller wolves are irrelevant af,
they’re still looking for an athlete to come out the closet.
i feel like this is 2014 all over again.
well mediatakeout has an alleged story for us.
mto is still around.
they claim they saw a video of a nfl baller wolf giving head.
this is what they had to font… just viewed some EXTREMELY BLOCKBUSTER footage – which purports to show one of the TOP NFL PLAYERS engaged in a gay act with a man.

The NFL Player – who plays the position of QUARTERBACK– has long been rumored to have been either CLOSETED GAY or BISEXUAL.

In the video – which has viewed but DOES NOT POSSESS – the NFL star is seen giving a man some or*l relations.

The man who owns the video has SHOPPED the video to at least ONE other news agency – and is hoping to get PAID for the video. He also has text messages that he believes AUTHENTICATES the video.

A representative for the video owner told, “We’re trying to leak it around the Superbowl – to get maximum views.”

Because we can’t be 100% certain (We’re about 95%) that the NFL player is the person in the video – we are REFRAINING from naming the payer.

But we can tell you that he is one of the BIGGEST NAMES in the league – and his “coming out” would be the BIGGEST sports story of 2018.

they SAW a video they don’t own,
and they’re only 95% sure it is a top nfl baller wolf?

i think the luster of baller wolves coming out has worn off.
that isn’t an exciting story anymore.
bad enough,
all of them were chasing interracial relationships.
i think the general public has moved on from that now.
coming out is really not that big a deal anymore.
social media has given everyone a platform.
a nfl baller wolf caught suckin dick is certainly not going to raise ratings.
the superbowl will always be a big money maker regardless.
good to see mto trying to ignite a spark tho.

article cc: mto

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9 thoughts on “Are Baller Wolves Hyped To Come Out Still A “Thing” In 2018?”

  1. I’m not impressed…though I wouldn’t be upset if Odell had some videos of him doing some butt naked sex stuff…Just saying…Might as well throw Trey Songz in there too. I’ll allow it in 2018.

  2. *sigh*…yeah we’ll see…but if any credence is given to this, I’d put my bet on the ill-fashioned leader of Carolina…ijs…don’t let it be sumn that sets off Ciara though…*secretly Xing fingers*

  3. The only thing MTO has ever told the truth about is Beyonce being pregnant and they got lucky cause they posted the story once every month until she finally was preggo for real.

  4. It seems that someone (a spurned lover? someone with a hidden camera?) is shopping around (for money) a video to out someone. My position remains: Whether and how much a person is open about his sexuality is an intensely personal matter and so that decision should be made by that person and that person only after due consideration. Such a person could lose jobs, contracts, etc.

    My only exception to that rule is when the person to be outed is a public person (such as a politician or a preacher) who in his public life (such as in a speech, a vote or a sermon) publicly speaks/acts contrary to the interest of the LGBT and contrary to his private sexual acts.

    Therefore, I suspect that this football player should not be outed. Of course, I’m curious, but I should not have my curiosity satisfied.

    As far as Kerry Rhodes goes, it appears that he was/is gay or bisexual from the “evidence” but that dude that outed him was WRONG to do so.

    1. “My only exception to that rule is when the person to be outed is a public person (such as a politician or a preacher) who in his public life (such as in a speech, a vote or a sermon) publicly speaks/acts contrary to the interest of the LGBT and contrary to his private sexual acts.”

      I’m not one for outing people, but this part of your comment rings true with me. People like this need to be made an example of. You want to play the “Perfect All-American” while living a double-life and spreading hate…I have no qualms about airing your dirty laundry. And I would love to be in their face asking them how it feels to be on the other side of the fence.

  5. And you know he’s not the only one. The careers of those who have come out has went down the drain. If this is true, I hope his career doesn’t come to an end.

  6. This looks like a job for….The DL Detective!!! Oh wait nevermind…he’s out destroying Facebook families. The big guys are off limits since they have tastes…

  7. Mediatakeout has to be the worse website ever, if I had a dollar for every time they posted about a sex tape, nude pic leaks or something scandalous coming out I would be rich. They always say, just wait a couple of days and you will see and it never happens and they have been baiting there readers for years with this same tactic. I really believe now that most of the stories are just made up because their fan base will believe anything negative. The grammatical errors and misspelled words that frequent their post is enough to clue you in that they are TRASH. Next not putting anything of merit into this by them, just all lies as usual. This tape if true will never see the light of day, and more than likely it has no basis in truth.

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