Tremaine Has A Nice Cut and It’s Really Thick Too

every male knows a haircut makes a whole different.
folks tell me i look good scruffy,
but i hate it.
i like my fur cut.
i peeped a barber showing tremaine’s new look today.
as you know he went from werewolf to “get my drawz”.
this is the whole situation in motion

very nice.
i like how he did his beard too.
it goes with his facial structure perfectly.
as i said in the other entry,
that cut makes him look younger and fresh faced.
he has good hair too.
nice and thick.

i’ll allow it.
can we talk about the magic that is coconut oil?
that really got my hair thick af.
i use a comb to part my fur in various parts and rub on my scalp.
when i’m done,
i wrap it up.
i only wash it with shampoo like once every two weeks.
i do a co wash (only conditioner) every week.
it made my shit grow,
and get stronger in about a few weeks of doing it.
try it out foxhole!

lowkey: i had “nobody else but you” on repeat today.
i realllllllllly like that song.

videos cc: treyology

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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