Stefon Diggs Gets The Game Winning Foxhole Entry

you know what’s funny foxhole?
there are so many fine wolves i’ve discovered,
but i always hold off on posting them.
timing is everything with me.
i came across nfl baller wolf for the minnesota vikings,
stefon diggs,
some time last year.
i didn’t post,
but a foxholer alerted me that today is the right time.
stefon caught the game winning catch last sunday.

it was his interview about it after…

i felt so happy for him.
he would have gotten sex just off the strength of the tears.
nothing like a humble wolf to make you drip down your legs.
stefon is…

his nose>>>>

he has some serious swagg too.
i like the threads stefon.
good looks and even better style catch my eye quick.
this a little info from his dossier:

191 lbs
position: wide reciever
hometown: gaithersburg, maryland
college: maryland

i’ll allow stefon.
good luck to him on his road to the superbowl.

lowkey: his teammates got on him after…

he is so cute.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Stefon Diggs Gets The Game Winning Foxhole Entry”

  1. My inner thot senses are tingling. I spy a chocolate guy, with my eye I spy!

    Seriously, he’s a nice looking fellow. Can’t get enough of your chocolate and Hershey’s posts. I normally don’t care for the Str8 wolves…but I’ll allow it!

    (I think I’m addicted to that phrase today for some reason..🤔)

  2. Such a fitting tribute to a very fine young man. Stefon is the type of dude you take to mama’s house, introduce to your cousins and dem, and then fuck in the basement bathroom. 🙌🏽😀❤

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