i knew stefon diggs was a freak

how did i miss the following in that video i posted yesterday?
so stefon diggs might be a freak.
a foxholer brought it to my attention today.
stefon was on “family fued” and steve asked him:

“finish this phrase: leave itwhat?”

this was his answer

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stefon diggs is hard candy

nfl baller wolf for the vikings,
stefon diggs,
is a whole ass mood.

i like his tweets and i love to look at him.
i can be honest.
one he is really handsome.
his facial contains all the features i love on a wolf.
two is his lower half is eye catching.
you cannot miss everything in this new “geico” ad
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Stefon Diggs Gets The Game Winning Foxhole Entry

you know what’s funny foxhole?
there are so many fine wolves i’ve discovered,
but i always hold off on posting them.
timing is everything with me.
i came across nfl baller wolf for the minnesota vikings,
stefon diggs,
some time last year.
i didn’t post,
but a foxholer alerted me that today is the right time.
stefon caught the game winning catch last sunday.

it was his interview about it after…

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