It Wiggled Out His Butt Slowly That He Thought His Guts Were Coming Out

 i remember when i was younger,
my late grandmother told me about worms coming out your butt.
it scared tf outta me and i ended up having nightmares.
all i could think about earth worms crawling out my foxtail.
who woulda thunk i’d like things up my foxhole when i grew up?
well a vix-bi sent me a story that just made me scream.
i’m sure my neighbors are speaking to 911.
a wolf had sushi and a worm crawled out his tail.
ya’ll via “ny daily news”

This could ruin your next sushi meal.

A Fresno man who enjoyed eating raw salmon went to the emergency room where he told doctors to treat him for worms after making the gross discovery of a tapeworm while recently going to the bathroom.

Dr. Kenny Bahn told the story of his patient at Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno on the “This Won’t Hurt A Bit” podcast. Bahn said the man came in complaining of bloody diarrhea, but told doctors “I really want to get treated for worms.”

Bahn said he was skeptical of the patient at first until the man showed him proof.

“I take out a toilet paper roll, and wrapped around it of course is what looks like this giant, long tapeworm,” Bahn said on the podcast.

When the parasitic worm was unraveled and laid out in the emergency room, the tapeworm measured 5 and a half feet long, which is the height of Bahn.

The man discovered the worm when he felt it wiggling out as he sat on the toilet. Banh said the man thought his “guts were coming out,” until he started to remove the worm and it started moving.

Bahn said the patient was relieved to discover it was a tapeworm. The man was given a pill for treatment that would expel the rest of the worm from his body.

The patient swore to Bahn that he hadn’t been out of the country, but he did eat raw salmon almost daily. The CDC reports that there has been an outbreak of Japanese tapeworms in Pacific-caught salmon.

After dealing with the tapeworm, the man said he’ll no longer eat salmon.

this is the worm on the table:


and i love salmon too!!!
i cooked it last weekend.
i can’t even remember when i last had sushi,
but i’m about to be sooooooo good on that.
this part:

“he felt it wiggling and thought his guts were coming out”

i clenched my cheeks so HARD.

my man had the dead worm wrapped around the roll too.
i cannot.
of course,
i went to sniffing around and…

You can allegedly get worms from anything!

wrap me in plastic and serve all my food as a smoothie.
i can’t deal.

article cc: ny daily news

for those who are feeling adventerous: see tapeworm removal

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “It Wiggled Out His Butt Slowly That He Thought His Guts Were Coming Out”

      1. I love sushi bro but I seem to only get avocado rolls or the cooked shrimp rolls. I think dude was eating just straight raw fish very much like they do on the Food network like Rondo mentioned. Only thing I like raw now is some veggies. Lol

        1. ^im glad you didn’t say the only thing you like raw is sex.
          i was gonna be like “someone get billy” lol

          im mad he said he ate he shit every day.
          is that even healthy?!

  1. I don’t eat sushi but I always cook my food. I have friends down here that eat sushi and I grin at them. I have a natural fear of worms so I make sure to detox and eat food right to prevent Wiggler’s..

    You can also catch worms threw asseating, not washing your hands and a host of other stuff. So always be hygienic.

    Technically, speaking…everyone has parasites. Some are just microscopic. Even if you’ve cooked your food, you may have still eaten worms however, cooking at the correct temp kills them and you just get that extra protein from eating them.

    Some worms have no symptoms and others…well…you’ll know for sure… especially with tapeworms zapping your energy and making you moody.

      1. If you’re worried. Just do a worm detox. You can find one and buy it on Amazon I believe. You all should do it, if you haven’t tried it already…you’d be surprised what’s been in you all these years and flushes on out..

        I haven’t done it in a while myself but I am very careful bout what I eat…lol

        The old saying you are what you eat is not something to take to lightly.

        Also, expect to get sick once you detox because your body is going to be in the recovery process and expelling all the toxic things you’ve accumulated over the years is going to place a heavy burden on your body.

        Once you’re detoxed, you’ll probably feel better and more energized though. 🙃

  2. Sorry, but I just dying for some red smoked salmon with cheese delicious! My coworker son got ill eating some indian food and had to be admitted to the ER for a week. I hope she sue and call for a health inspector just like those restaurants in the ATL.

  3. When I tell you this is the post that pushed me to Veganism in 2018. OMG I am Fkkin done. I have only tried Sushi one time and it was cooked shrimp in the roll. I do not want to eat anything raw but fruits and vegetables. @Jammy, I too went on Amazon and got a Parasite cleaner, not expecting much but let me tell you, I know this is gross and TMI but after taking it a couple of days, I looked at my stool and saw things moving like some type of organism and I was convinced that this is real and we have gross parasites living in us. Sadly, I went back to eating bad, but after this entry I think it is the motivation and push I need to stop with any type of meat and processed sugary foods. I start and stop all the time with meat and processed foods and go back to them due to stressful work schedule and always being on the go. Time for my 2018 Detox.

    1. Good job. Better tell them. Worms love sugary foods too. You can catch them.from fruit as well, but probably will be fine if you just wash your fruit before you eat it.

      There are also things parasites ate like Garlic that you can incorporate in your diet. In order to get rid of the worms, you have to make your body inhospitable for them.

      And yes, works can spread to other parts of your body, including your eyeballs, liver, heart or brain. Kill them all..Lol

      1. I use Parasite Cleanse from Purely Holistic Brand from Amazon. It about $20 bucks. But just google parasite cleanse on google or youtube to get some recommendation. This brand is pretty good for me.

  4. 😐 Now yall know a Pinapple love him some sushi like a white bytch straight outta LA, how yall gon tell me DIS!?!..Well if it makes any difference i mostly eat veggie ones

  5. For those that don’t want to go through a whole detox: Cayenne pepper is also known to kill alot of parasites on contact. It also does wonders in increasing your metabolism. You can take the powder or the pepper. Just never take it on a empty stomach or light meal. Trust me lol.

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