(Foxhole) I Bet You Had A Better Day Than Me

i’m the one folks go to when their parents get diagnosed with cancer.
i guess i can be a comfort of sorts.
“my parents died of cancer and all i got was this lousy t-shirt”.
one of my closest home vixen’s mother was diagnose with cancer yesterday…

her mother is currently in the hospital awaiting testing.
she is a wreck about it.
she is very close to her mother.
she just lost two of her close friends to death last year as well.
i own the shirt to that too.
there isn’t much i can say to her.

“it’s going to be okay!”
“she will be fine.”
“they got it quick so they’ll be able to get her together soon.”

those could be all lies.
with cancer,
you just really don’t know.
one minute,
things could be going well and looking like a full recovery.
the next

there wasn’t much you could have said to me either.
the one thing i can do is just listen.
even if it sounded like pure crazy talk,
i’ve learned in these situations,
you just need to provide a shoulder and be a friend.
it’s better when the person has gone through it already.
they can provide an emotional cheat sheet.
that’s all i can really do.
she has to meet with to the doctors tomorrow so she’ll keep me posted.
she has already been on google sniffing around.
 that’s never good.
she’s mentally already planning the funeral.

2018 is starting off so weird.
i’m really not trying to font “bad”,
so i used “weird” instead.

between that,
and my own issues,
i’m completely drained today.
my resources are tapped at the moment.
all i want to do is sleep and wake up to the sun being out again.

5 thoughts on “(Foxhole) I Bet You Had A Better Day Than Me

  1. This hit so close to home.
    PCWorldMy father was diagnosed with Stage 4 small cell lung cancer last month.His prognosis is very poor because he has other chronic illnesses including diabetes and heart disease.He started chemo last week and his white blood count is very low.Two days ago he had a fever and his oncologist said I may need to take him to hospital.I called 911 and we decided to try Tylenol to see if it would reduce his temp.It worked and his oncologist prescribed some antibiotics.He is doing OK right now in terms of his temp. but he is also dealing with a blood clot.So every 12 hrs I have to inject a medication into his stomach.
    It is so difficult and painful watching someone who used to be so strong wither away because they have no appetite.It is also hard because I am an only child so I have to make all the decisions.When the paramedics were here one of the guys asked “If he is in hospice” and my heart broke.He is not in it YET.
    Well anyway that’s why I haven’t posted comments in about a month.

    Praying for your friend

    1. Y Colette, I’m so sorry to hear about your father, you seem very strong. They really need to find a cure for this cancer. It’s so scary that you could think you’re doing fine one day, then you find out you have cancer and your world and families world turns upside down.

    2. @ YC and Jamari, Cancer is the worst. Someone very close to me is going through it right now, but he looks like he will recover (thank god) and it is rough. I lost my grandmother to it, and I have friends who lost their parents early to it. YC, Stay strong, and take it step by step, it’s a scary time but there’s always hope. Idk if this helps, but do a google on Fucoidan. A man (who is a Nurse) who I worked with was talking about it and said that the people he’s seen use it (some of whom were terminally ill with Cancer) had shrunk the cancer (one of them had brain cancer, and I think lung cancer) and he attributed the shrinkage to it, and they’ve all managed to come out of it alive. Supposedly, it’s an herb from Vietnam? I think and you could get it in bottles of 120 and take twice a day. There seems to be a lot of studieso n the herb and how it relates to fighting cancer, so check it out. I’m not sure what I believe but definately give it a check out. During these times, you need help wherever you can get it. The symptoms are absolutely frightening.Chemo is rough too, the only thing he can eat is bread and like veggie soup. Those BOOST and Ensure packs are a godsend.

      Check out Immunocal as well.It’s a protein. My grandmother used it as well. 7 years ago she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and she couldn’t withstand the chemo because it was too harsh. But we managed to have her for 3 more years until it came back. I’m not sure to this day what stabilized her cancer, and what triggered it to come back, but if it can help somebody else through their rough time, I’m open to share.

      I’m sorry you guys are going through this. As Eric said, we need a cure for this, immediately. Too many people have lost their lives, or gone through hell and back fighting due to it. It’s a true nightmare.

  2. You’re right on the money! It’s less about sympathy but more about empathy. It’s about showing you care just by being there.

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