I (Don’t) Need Your Apology

offset should have stuck to his guns.
i would have respected him more if he did.
he clearly doesn’t give a fuck,
but he was forced to coloring in between the lines.
so if you didn’t know,
offset from migos,
doesn’t “vibe with queers”.
this coming from someone who legit wears blouses,
but i digress.
he has a featured verse in a new song called “boss life”,
where he said what he said


…and after being dragged,
he took to ig to apologize for what he said.

didn’t they have some issue with katy perry and transgenders too?

next example is is that snow hyena with the racist mouth.
on mlk day last week,
harley barber decided to honor that legend in a random rant. how?
by dropping the “n” word everywhere.

as soon as she got called out,
she had her croc tears and apologies lined up.
kinda of a apology:

it still got her expelled soon after.
not only that,
all her hoe tales were put on front street.
i’m sure she will find a new home to spew hate somewhere.
they always do.

i’d rather they kept their apologies.
it’s not genuine.
apologies from these types are just usually fake.
they’re only sorry it went viral.
i’d rather know that someone is upfront with their hatred,
then forced to apologize to contain it.
folks only want an apology so they can feel comfortable.

I don’t want to feel comfortable

the way i see it,
their followers probably feel the same way.
he appeals to black straights.
some of them don’t exactly welcome “us” with open arms.
same story with the racist.
i didn’t see her sorority members putting a gag on her in the video.

i don’t need an apology after someone speaks their truth.
again: that’s their truth.
i don’t have to accept it like they don’t need to accept mine.

i like my hatred upfront.
it helps me know who i’m dealing with.

lowkey: when you learn “i’m sorry” is just a word,
and actions mean everything,
then you’ll be on where i’m at in life.
these folks show who you they are; believe them.

8 thoughts on “I (Don’t) Need Your Apology

  1. How one can stand to listen to this trap mumble b/s is beyond me…jus garbage marketed as ‘hip-hop’…all these ninjas lookin like crackhead clowns…the music industry sizuuuucks!

  2. If he don’t his struggle face ass down…

    And as far as I’m concerned all white people are racist until proven otherwise and I wouldn’t trust them as far as I can throw them.

  3. Interesting explanation. Webster’s…Definition of gay
    1 a : happily excited : merry in a gay mood
    b : keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits a bird’s gay spring song
    2 a : bright, lively gay sunny meadows
    b : brilliant in color

  4. Who is this again? Idk who he is but he makes my eyes hurt.i don’t understand why the guys concern themselves with irrelevant people. Ive never heard of him until this blog post. Society keeps on spiraling down I see..

  5. I don’t know why the gays be surprised when these dudes come on the scene and don’t fuck w/ us. lol

    The white girl doesn’t surprise me either it seems like we just continuously have these people exposing themselves and I agree I don’t want them to apologize I’d rather them stick w/ what they said so I can avoid them and know who I’m not rocking with ever.

  6. Don’t know this dude or follow his music, but he said what he said, don’t apologize for your beliefs. Stand tall. He’s thinking about the monetary ramifications, which is the ONLY reason he “apologized”…if you want to call it that.

    I hate when these entertainers/athletes make comments and then later on they apologize. Why? You said what you meant. Don’t try to give some lame ass apology because you know it’s going to affect you in the wallet.

    Many people will forgive and forget this clown, but as Maya Angelou said, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

    1. ^i feel like society wants to feel comfort in the word “i’m sorry”.
      folks always writing long dissertations of why they feel they’re sorry.


      he knew what he was doing when he wrote that verse.
      she knew what she was doing when she was saying the word “nigger’.
      stand by it and deal with the repercussions that follow.

      1. Exactly! I’d respect you more if you stood behind your comments, rather than offer some lame ass, whack ass apology that you don’t really mean. Sad.

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