Cardi B Wants Ya’ll To Stop Pickin’ On Offset!

i love the “ryde or die” mentality.
i truly do.
when your philandering wolf gets himself trouble,
it’s only right you come to his rescue.
cardi b,
the ultimate “ryde or die”,
  decided to explain to us about offset’s use of “queer”.
it was 3 parts of mind numbing stimulating fun!
this is what she had to say…
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I (Don’t) Need Your Apology

offset should have stuck to his guns.
i would have respected him more if he did.
he clearly doesn’t give a fuck,
but he was forced to coloring in between the lines.
so if you didn’t know,
offset from migos,
doesn’t “vibe with queers”.
this coming from someone who legit wears blouses,
but i digress.
he has a featured verse in a new song called “boss life”,
where he said what he said

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