i can’t believe we lost another (rest in peace takeoff of migos)

not takeoff…
this legit shocked tf outta me.
i woke up,
grabbed my phone,
and saw this come through from tmz…

Takeoff, one-third of Migos, is dead after an early morning shooting in HoustonTMZ Hip Hop has confirmed.

Law enforcement sources, and multiple witnesses, tell us the fatal incident went down shortly after 2:30 AM … that’s when cops got the call for a man shot at a bowling alley called 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston.

We’re told Takeoff and Quavo were there playing dice when an altercation broke out and that’s when someone opened fire, shooting Takeoff … either in the head or near his head. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

i always find the “before they died” pictures/videos eerie on social media.
this was 7 hours before his death:

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and sadly,
this was the aftermath:

was this a case of being at the wrong place and wrong time?
or was his life taken over a dice game?

either way,
what a shame and terrible tragedy.
may takeoff rest in peace.

lowkey: allegedly…

article cc: tmz

10 thoughts on “i can’t believe we lost another (rest in peace takeoff of migos)

  1. SIGH…we are losing our young men. We are losing our talented men. We are losing our women. We loose them most often because of Fvckery.

    Why do we hate ourselves so much? Why don’t we trust each other? Why don’t we ever want to work with each other ? Why are we constantly in competition with each other? The legacy of slavery still lingers and we prove it every day.

    In a country where Guns and Racism are fixed in its DNA and genes, it takes nothing for someone in our community to act out years of indoctrination of wasting the useless black man no matter who he is- rapper, athlete, brother, sister , parent heck even a minister is not spared.

    Our sense of value for life is minimised and equated to the place our community is FORCED to live, that place we so lovingingly call the Hood. The hood is as cold and disparing as we see each other and so it takes nothing for us to kill and eliminate our problems , no matter how trivial because as the rappers frequently describes it, the Hood is a wicked place.

    And so for the next 10 days we will mourn, stop eating, wail and knash our teeth for the loss of this bright and handsome black brother. And then go back to our default lifestyle We write lewd lyrics, we call our women Hoes, we flash diamonds and gold , we breed every black female we get and leave her to raise kids without a family, we flash dollars and throw coins at hoes and in clubs , we fire shots at parities,on the streets or in clubs and we fuck up another brother. Who cares? We come from the hood and in the hood life has no meaning.

    We are fuxked as a community. 😔
    Rest Well #TakeOff.

    1. You make a very good point. We are our own worst enemy. It’s like it’s ingrained in our DNA to not trust another black man, thinking they are trying to get over on us in some way. We will go spend our money in white/Indian/Latino stores, yet they will continue to disrespect us. We look at our own as a threat, and that is sad.
      It amazes me to this day that I can say hello or good morning to a black guy, and he will look at me and not respond. Say it to anyone else, and they will respond in kind. I just don’t get it.
      We ask/look for respect from others, but we have to respect ourselves more and our lives better before that can happen. You see so many other races coming together for purposes, yet for some reason we can’t.
      That crab-in-the-barrel mentality is real and it is sad.

  2. Mankind has this innate trait for violence. It is very sad.

    I support the removal of all Guns period!! People of “All Backgrounds ” will keep repeating such repulsive acts such as this. We as black men disproportionately die from Gun Violence. They ( Guns), do more harm than good.
    Mass School Shootings, Homicides, etc. Far more innocent people fall victim compared to personal protection .

  3. You know why this death hurts so much?

    If anyone has really studied Takeoff, he keeps to himself. Never had a problematic lyric, tweet, statement about a political party or social community. Please correct me if I’m incorrect. The nigga just focused on his craft and perfected it. He stayed out of the way. If you can stay out of the way and be to yourself and don’t speak bad on anybody or have any beef with anybody and STILL get in trouble or murder, no one is really safe. There is no such thing as safety in 2022. It’s a defunct word.

    To date, there have been 59 killings of hip hop artists, ranging from 18 to 44 in age. And you know who doesn’t give a FUCK about his death? His label. They could give you millions upon millions in advances, but no financial classes or advisors on how to multiply it or manage it. Artists money may run out in a generation or three, but these execs at these labels will be eating for all time. Off of him and his image. They endorse this kind of lifestyle because it sells, but also kills. How is Quavo at a dice game when he is literally worth millions? The people in that room will most likely never be able to touch that kind of money in their or their children’s lifetime. And you shootin for 7 racks? Supposedly, he sent the order to his ppl to shoot first because Takeoff saw they was cheating and told Quavo. If true, he was perfectly okay with sending someone else’s son to the morgue cause he was cheated. Never occurred that anybody in the room could get hurt when shootin starts. Who will be death number 60?

    We as black people have to re-examine our relationship with rap and hip hop culture. This is some demonic shit we are dealing with. No other genre of music has this much danger and lavishness behind it towards those that are artists in that genre. We also have to look at the power behind the throne and who is promoting this lifestyle. Who stands to gain REAL money behind the promotion of a hood lifestyle and the death that follows behind it? We also have to get out of this hood mentality when we make it. Look at TI and Fetty Wap. Niggas got money, but still human trafficking, sellin weed and weapons across state lines. If you are blessed to provide for your family and make it out the hood, but still doing hood shit, you never made it out the hood. We HAVE to do better. It’s a matter of us surviving as a race. It’s bigger than all of us at this point.

    Rest in power to The Last Rocket. Extremely talented artist. 🚀

  4. This is really very sad. I’m talking to my friend and other colleagues in the Astrology community about this and I just said, “why is it that all of these young people are incarnating into this lifetime just to die young??!”

    But I know that Kirshnik had to have a premonition to stay home that day! And it was just like someone else said, they have ALLLL of that money, they couldn’t have went to a casino, taken a trip to somewhere more exclusive, etc??! They had to be slumming around with some unsavory people??

    We’ve got to do better as a community!

    These eclipses are showing people to be careful and take care during this timeframe here!!!!

    Kirshnik was in his Saturn Return 🪐 also! Which is sad. So he really should’ve been working to learn his karmic lessons and stay outta the way! His own uncle (i.e. Quavo) was his karma!

    1. In the video Quavo posted (he’s older) he like like he was dragging him along . Quavo was front seat riding throwing up signs. Takeoff Has always been focused on the music and very chill! It’s sad that overzealous dice games can result in murders. I don’t go out on Halloween for precisely that reason . Fuckery commences on holiday weekends in particular everyone is drunk high and on one!
      I wonder how Offset and Quavo will move going forward they were in a quarrel.
      RIP 🕊

      1. His death notice popped up in my email and I just couldn’t read it. I was like “Not again”. These folks going back to the hood is like
        by-passing Evian to drink muddy water from a well in the prison yard.
        I am so sad for him. These folks love smut.
        The Casino de Paris in Monaco safely gambling or another grand location the venue rather than in a bowling alley breathing your last breath in a room full of haters.
        I was a 4th grader when hip hop was born. Rappers Delight, UTFO, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash were not glorifying nothing but fun, good times. These Gen Z bitch boys love to kill. Tragic.

    2. ^ 100%

      they make more money than the average.
      you gotta switch up your circle and not go hanging with the hood.
      i don’t know why black folks are so obsessed with “going back”.
      white people make it and they stay away from their humble beginings.
      we rarely see white folks going back to their hometown unless the entire block is cleared out.

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