rihanna new song put me to sleep

we felt the drizzle of rihanna reign with the superbowl announcement.
once i saw a new song was coming out today…

rihanna is gearing up for her comeback into music.
she has been gone for 6 years to become the billionaire avon lady.
she dropped her song “lift me up” today,
which will be in the new black panther: wakanda forver soundtrack.
i listened to it this morning and…

…it made me feel so peaceful.
i woke up with some wild anxiety but the song has a lullaby effect.
the way she sang it,
the harmonies,
and the words really calmed me down.
i didn’t really sleep last night but i fell back asleep for another hour.
i knew tems wrote it because it sounds like something that she would sing.
it’s not a usual rih banger but i think it fits the vibe of the movie.
the movie feels like its gonna be melancholy.
i can hear this playing during the end credits.

I’ll allow it.

i need this remix that was in the trailer to be a single too:

lowkey: can we font about drake trying to release an album today too?
it is called “her loss” and it is a joint album with 21 savage.
he had to postpone it because the producer got the rona.
i felt that scorpio pettiness coming through.

that rihanna karma came through harder tho.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “rihanna new song put me to sleep”

  1. I listened last night and I was underwhelmed. But it’s for a movie soundtrack and not from her upcoming album so I understand.

  2. Very underwhelming! Ehh! I doubt I’ll listen to it again but I don’t really listen to Rih for ballads anyways.

  3. Gorgeous song! Her voice on this reminds me a bit of Stevie Wonder oddly enough. Certainly not a banger fit for a comeback but still a stunning song in it’s own right. I’m sure the pro dancers of the world are concocting beautiful dance routines to it as we speak.

    1. Stevie who? Stevie Nicks? Because I know you ain’t say the 8th Wonder of the World! Chile I can’t!

  4. I love it!!

    It’s a beautiful , moving lush “right now “classic that you instantly feel familiar with.

    A befitting and loving tribute to Chad as well as a Lullaby to her new child.

    Micheal Jackson did this when “Bad” had to follow “Thriller”. The 1st track was ” I just cant stop loving you”. After the biggest selling Album in history , people questioned, why such a “low vibe “Ballad? However, “BAD” ended up containing some amazing Classic Bangers?? And the rest is ” HISTORY” ( wink)

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