Dear Music Lovers

i decided to give aunt mary’s “my life” album a break.
i legit had it on repeat for almost a week.
it was time for a switch up the music real quick.
i started listening to this on spotify
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The “Moonlight” Soundtrack


you know when i like something,
i usually buy it.
on the train ride home,
i had to find out if “moonlight” had a soundtrack.
i bought it off itunes as soon as i walked in the crib.
i loved the journey of where the music took me.
i’m reminded of scenes that really pulled me in.
the soundtrack is a mixture of a score and 3 audio productions.
my only gripe?
it’s 37 minutes long.

Think Like A Wolf; Act Like A Vixen

I cannot WAIT to see this movie.
Looks like it is going to be a good one.
I love opening weekend when black casted movies come out.
You can feel the “togetherness” in the theater.

Jennifer Hudson, NeYo, and Rick Ross are featured on the soundtrack with a song I love…

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