Dear Music Lovers

i decided to give aunt mary’s “my life” album a break.
i legit had it on repeat for almost a week.
it was time for a switch up the music real quick.
i started listening to this on spotify

the “dear white people” soundtrack from the show.
it has almost all the songs that played during the character episodes.
the song when:

  •  sam admitted to what she did on the radio
  • lionel was getting his haircut by troy
  • coco was getting eaten out by troy and smoking the golden weed 

    i been feeling so good listening to these songs.
    even if you haven’t seen the show,
    it’s worth a vibe foxhole:

let me know what you think!

lowkey: i love “bougie party” by chloe x halle.
isn’t this beyonce’s group?

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Dear Music Lovers

  1. I’ll check this out!

    Saint or Sinner by (Brandy’s alleged boyfriend) Sir the Baptist is currently giving me LIFE!

  2. My song since I first heard it has been “Walking Away” by Craig David. That is my shyt! Listen to it daily, and I apply it life, even though it’s about a relationship. Keeping negativity and non-influential/consequential people out of my life.

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