Let Me Show You Some Crazy… (Matt Jordan)

…i’m serious.
so remember how peter thomas,
who was married to cynthia from “rhoa” fame,
said he washed matt jordan,
who is the ex of kenya moore from “rhoa” fame”,
in a fight they had a radio station in charlotte?
peter said he pulled out a box cutter and everything.
the exciting footage was released from “straight from the a”.

i love how he got on that “balmain” shirt and crying broke.
who you borrow that from?
if that is even a real copy…

well crazy isn’t even the word.
they legit to’ up that radio station.i’m mad that vixen was in the middle of that madness.
her yelling was making me vex.
go get security and stand outside in the hallway.
i would have been like that blonde snow bunny on ( x southwest fight ):

she didn’t play and neither do i.

i’m glad kenya got away from that monster tho.
that situation was looking like a future “snapped” episode.
he has a nice chest,
that “crazy af” delusional dick,
but it ain’t even worth that drama.
i’m sure someone will see this footage and still let matt beat tho.
in more ways than one?

lowkey: poor peter.
he had to work those jamaican bones to handle that beast.
good to see he still got it.
when is that matt jordan sex tape getting released?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Let Me Show You Some Crazy… (Matt Jordan)”

  1. That’s some sad shyt right there. Matt has some anger issues he needs to deal with.
    WTF is Peter carrying a box cutter around with him for?!
    On a side note, that lady kinda reminds me of Nia Long. Lol

  2. Woooow, smdh…hhhmm, I wonder what Matt’s relationship is with his father,if there was one…I’m sensing some repressed and perhaps displaced anger toward daddy issues…could be wrong…Matt ain’t as crazy as he presents, he knows who he can fuck with and how long…or maybe is crazy and jus hasn’t met the right one…

    1. I thought he was from a nice family. They showed them on an episode when Kenya met them. I feel like the father was there but I could be wrong.

  3. Matt is way too big to be struggling in a fight versus Peter, not the mention the age difference between the two of them.

  4. Okay, was Peter invited to the radio station too? I can understand one possessing a weapon, but if you feel the need to bring it with you to a place like that, then why go there? Why stand up and put your hands in your pocket like you’re ready to pop off? Matt, why antagonize the situation further by throwing a water bottle and popping off? Was any of this real? Why did Matt so easily release Peter once the other guy came in to break it up? When you’re fighting for real, you’re fighting; punching, kicking, whatever….am I right? These and other questions will be answered on the next episode of “Who Is Here For The Shit?” Sidenote: Matt could still beat it up though..ijs😉😉😉

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