Aaron Spady Gets Another Photographer To Shoot On Him

is it bad that i know my wolves?
i can see one and know where he is from.
^that wolf,
who goes by aaron spardy,
has many a foto shoots with foto 119.
this time,
he had one with

marvin bienaime.
of course
marvin had the “bts” action for foxhole review:



…is it me,
or his tail his huge?
well i like what aaron is working with.
his chest is his strongest feature.
that tail is coming in a close second.
check out these other shots from the “aaron spardy bawdy collection”:


his foto 119 shots:


and motion:









i’ll allow more of aaron.

lowkey: kudos to marvin having them introduce themselves!

pictures and video credited: marvin bienaime | foto 119

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Aaron Spady Gets Another Photographer To Shoot On Him

  1. Great build and awesome hair … Sometimes it better to have the visual and not have them the models speak as the voice can sometime take away from the fantasy .

  2. This is the cousin of Sherrod Belton another Wolf who has been featured on the Foxhole. I bet that is a first to have cousin featured LOL. Aaron looks different now that he is older and a little thicker. I guess I need to book a trip to Houston to pick me out a Texas size snack to go. H-Town’s finest. Foxhole do yourself a favor, the next time some big event is in Houston book you a trip you will not be disappointed. Be sure and plan on getting you a workout in at the 24-Hr Fitness on Richmond by the Houston Galleria. You will see so many dudes in there who look like this and better. I almost just want to go back to Houston again to work out at this gym LOL. This gym and the 24-Hr Fitness Ladera Heights in Los Angeles has the best looking Black men you will ever see in your life.

    1. I go to that 24 Hour Fitness Tajan LMAO.

      You can’t go in there looking like a bum at ALL. I come in looking like I stepped out of a Nike or Under Armour advertisement lmao

  3. LOL I have got to give it to Marvin. He is either a frustrated virgin or the worlds greatest whore. He has a way of getting these fine boys , promising them fame and fortune but what happens when he does not deliver?

    To me Marvin is enjoying his personal fantasy and making dollars while at it. Nice job if you can get it. His dream boat catch Donny Savage left him under shady circumstances and ever since he has been on the rampage to find another Donny. But as cute as these boys are there is no legitimate work for all of them so he may ultimately have to open up an exclusive escort service in the future to deliver on his promise of fame.

    whatever he does I m sure it will sell as his subjects are fine looking. But He will have to deliver or else it won’t be too long before we hear another scandal and this time it wont be silent like the last one with Donny Savage!

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