The Flash of Two Worlds (The Bisexual Coming Out Story)

i never got into “the flash” on the cw network.
i was into “arrow” for a little bit,
but that show got boring and i lost interest.
well one of the characters in the show came out as bisexual on ig yesterday.
an f-bi sent me the story via yahoo news…

Keiynan Lonsdale plays a superhero on TV, and now, many of his fans are calling him one in real life thanks to the courage he showed Friday night on social media.

The 25-year-old actor, who portrays Wally West (aka Kid Flash) on CW’s The Flash, came out as bisexual, publicly announcing that he was “bored of being insecure, ashamed, scared.”

On Saturday, he thanked his family, friends and fans for all of their support, tweeting:

i mean:

i feel like announcing you are gay or bi isn’t exciting anymore.
after the last few who did it,
and were complete disappointments,
the novelty has almost worn off.
after my entry on ( x gay loneliness ),
there are other emotional side effects after you come out.
keiynan has the money and networks to allow for a better time,
if that makes any sense.
others who are regulars don’t have that luxury.
once the initial high wears off,
and everyone puts the streamers and confetti down,
you are pretty much back in the closet again.
i’m happy for anyone who lives in their truth tho.
no matter if it’s in or out the closet.

article taken: yahoo | snippets cc: keiynan

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “The Flash of Two Worlds (The Bisexual Coming Out Story)”

  1. How did you know by watching the show? Damn y’all gaydar are on point
    Let me check lipstick alley to see the decimation of wally 😂😂😂

  2. That’s cool I am kind of in that space of ehh with these announcements but I do enjoy his character on the flash and find him adorable. I wonder will they incorporate that into the show and piss off the fanboys? because that will most definitely happen.

  3. I’m happy if he’s happy. But that whole “bisexual” moniker gets the side eye from me. I don’t believe in authentic bisexuality. It’s a convenient place for gay men to reside while trying to appease heterosexual homophobes.

      1. @Mikey..don’t bother to go there. We’ve been down this route before. There are folks who don’t believe a person can actually be attracted to BOTH sexes. Let them think what they want.

      2. @Christian From my experience many of them believe MEN can’t be bisexual but some of them have no issue with the existence of female bisexuality.Lol

        Like you said ,let them believe what they want to believe.

        One of my mottos is : Your opinion is not my reality.☺

    1. He used the word bisexual for now. He will say that he is gay later I bet. Just want to be cautious and small step. Happy for him and he is cool character and in real life too. Want him to be very happy with himself.

  4. Good for him I always thought he was a cutie, even tho I can’t get into any of the CW superheroes show.

  5. Gay men and women who want a bi man can never accept bisexuality because they are selfish and can’t stand the thought of sharing or learning their partner may be cheating so bisexuality is ludicrous to some but I know for a fact all though I am a gay man people can indeed be into both sexes. The thing about it though is typically bisexual people know which sex is end game for them.

    1. I used to date a girl that was bisexual, but she wasn’t comfortable with me liking dudes.
      It was okay for her to like chicks, but I couldn’t like dudes. We were out on a date once, and she was commenting on girls around us. I made a comment about a dude and she made a face.
      As she put it, There was something “wrong with that”. All I could say was huh…as I closed the book on that weird ass. LOL

  6. Amber Rose said that last year.She said she is bisexual but she wouldn’t date a guy sexually attracted to men.I think these women don’t think men can be bisexual they think if a man is attracted to men, he is gay.SMH

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