dear “what the hell is going on?” white people

so i paused the last 4 episodes of “oitnb” for the new season of “dear white people“.
i’ve loved this show since the first season,
although i have to admit,
the second season was “okay“.
that whole “order” thing was random af.
well i stopped on the 6th episode of this season,
but uh…

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His Phone Told Me All I Needed To Know About Him

when i saw his phone the last time we saw each other,
i already knew the answer.
the screen was cracked the fuck up,
chips was missing
from the armor,
and it was completely broken down.
i asked him:

“omg why does your phone look like that?
it never looked like that when we hung up.”

he didn’t answer.
he knew the answer as much as i did too.
he always had a phone case and screen protector.
he actually gave a fuck about those things when i was in his life.
when we were together
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Jackin Off To The Straight Black Superman Type

i related to lionel higgins from “dear white people” on netflix.
i wasn’t as awkward
a little,
but i always was “the quiet shy one”.
i always knew the:

Superman -type”

…that i would jack off about.
i have even been in the next room,
listening to “that type” fucking some vixen’s brains out.
the things i’d imagine as i listened.
that is the life of a discreet fox/wolf/hybrid trying to find themselves.
the foxhole been telling me about “dear white people”.
well moreso to check out this iconic scene
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Dear “Who The Hell Is This”?

ive been meaning to watch “dear white people”.
it was on my “to do” list after i wrote a brief entry about it,
but i missed it when it was in the movies.
well i saw this on my tumblr and well…
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