Jackin Off To The Straight Black Superman Type

i related to lionel higgins from “dear white people” on netflix.
i wasn’t as awkward
a little,
but i always was “the quiet shy one”.
i always knew the:

Superman -type”

…that i would jack off about.
i have even been in the next room,
listening to “that type” fucking some vixen’s brains out.
the things i’d imagine as i listened.
that is the life of a discreet fox/wolf/hybrid trying to find themselves.
the foxhole been telling me about “dear white people”.
well moreso to check out this iconic scene

can we talk about brandon p bell aka troy fairbanks real quick:

i enjoyed him and every inch of his sex scenes.

so during my depression yesterday,
i didn’t want to lay in bed the entire day.
i was legit just looking at the ceiling.
i decided to put on “dear white people” on netflix.
i loved it so much i’m currently watching it again.
i never saw the movie,
but i am a huge fan of the show.

one thing i will say is i love the bond between troy and lionel.
they were roommates,
and you would think someone like troy would be homophobic,
hell even an asshole,
but he treated lionel like a brother.

troy’s bawdy>>>
i loved how it highlighted the relationship a fox can have on a straight wolf.
i usually have those relations with a straight wolves.
those damn male straights doing their suspect shit
that connection often feels different than with my own.
they actually saw me for who i am.
even though it can be enveloped in fantasy on my end.

either way,
i want the foxhole to check out “dear white people”.
10 episodes.
30 minutes.

lowkey: why i the only one mad with the fox at the bar?
the one who pulled out his phone?
i would have socked him.
i also thought coco and joelle were gorgeous.

video credited: dear white people | auscaps

8 thoughts on “Jackin Off To The Straight Black Superman Type

  1. I LOVED this show. Brandon Bell is everything and I don’t even mind that he’s 5’9. He can get it!

    1. ^shit i don’t mind either!!!!!

      i get chills whenever he comes on the screen.
      the scene where you can hear him fucking >>>

    2. 5’9, Jesus, he towered over everyone on the show tho. I thought he was massively tall.

  2. Really glad you loved the show as well, it was so good. (We need more shows like this) . Few points:

    Those Buns on Troy were amazing not to mention his handsome face and Greek god like body, I’m sure Nia Long was happy to do sex scenes with him.


    Loved this show from the writing to the acting and visuals. I definitely related to Lionel the most, I’m still that awkward gay guy. I wasn’t surprised that Troy wasn’t homophobic just because of his characters upbringing. None of the other black guys were homophobic towards Lionel, they even kid around with him over it not treating it like a big deal which was refreshing. I’m also really glad that the show didn’t have him with reveal his feelings to Troy in that cliché movie/ TV way, but I was upset that they had him be with the other gay character in the end it just felt out of nowhere. I would have prefer to see them as friends but oh well.

    Great show especially episode 5.

    1. ^yes!
      that show put me in such a better place.
      i really liked that as a black male,
      i could relate to it on so many levels.
      i love all the black shows out right now.
      what a time to be alive.


      ya know,
      none of the characters treated lionel bad because he was gay.
      he was “different” to them,
      but they still accepted him like he was a friend.
      i really liked that.
      i hate who they paired lionel with.
      in real life,
      that definitely wouldn’t have been his type.

      why was lionel acting so weird at the party in episode 5?
      he ran off when he saw one of the snow wolves too.
      i thought he may have messed with one of them.
      i really thought he was gonna be messing with thane until he died.

      troy’s bawdy is what i love on a wolf.
      thick and proportioned just right.
      he is also fine af.

    2. I wanted to relate to Troy the most in the beginning. The ambitious, charming type that seems to be in the up-n-up.
      That’s the type of person I always wanted to be and surround myself with. But then, I realized I was Coco:

      Insecure, but strategic and the real power behind the throne.

      How many of us sacrifice our own intellect and ambition propping someone else up because they are the ideal figure we want to be, but in reality, it’s all a facade. Troy.was.nothing. on his own and clearly was operating under the auspices of Coco who just wanted him to be successful and she put her ambitions on hold for that.

      Story time: I’ve spent several semesters trying to aid this guy at my school, helping him with assignments, his own Greek career and his extracurriculars which have poised him as a big guy on campus and awarded a huge student leader award.
      And I did it because I liked him, but In reality, I was just an assist. There was no commitment back. I can’t even get a response text now and I realize that all of that wasted time I should have been investing in me.

      For those progressive and ambitious Coco’ s out there, please, do it for you. Do not sacrifice any of your time and effort building a champion. Be your own. Too many lost dreams are lost because we set them sail on the wrong ship.

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