1300861362_4gifwhitepeoplefriday….no seriously speaking,
i saw the trailer for “dear white people” when i went to go see “think like a man too”.
the audience,
which was a majority of black folks,
was highly confused

…no i’m all the way serious.
people was dead ass like:

“why would they make some shit like this?”

i even:

giphyone of the reasons i like going to the movies during “black night”.
who knows it maybe funny,
but i need to see more.
i think they should make a movie about slavery and the races being reversed.
i think that would be an interesting watch,
although we all know that movie would never happen.
like, ever.
“dear white people” is slated to be released october 17th of this year.

lowkey: they did laugh at that 2 chainz joke tho.

see “dear white people” site: HERE

20 thoughts on “DEAR WHITE PEOPLE…

  1. I really want to see it too! This movie went through a lot of channels to get produced and make it to the silver screen.

  2. I’m actually excited about this film, and I will be going to see it. I pray that it’s good. I’m glad Mr. Simien is getting some shine. I hope our community will support his art.

  3. The movie is a satirical social commentary. There’s really not much to be confused about.

    1. Come on now boo… for the past decade and a half, black folks have been subjected to Tyler Perry’s form of comedy… no shade towards Mr. Perry (get money bitch!), so it doesn’t surprise me that most black folk don’t understand a trailer to a satirical social commentary film. As a matter of fact, most of them probably don’t understand satirical, social, or commentary, LOLOL (I’m laughing to prevent myself from crying.).

      1. ^right either a romantic comedy,
        or a dude dressed as an old woman.
        so when something like this comes out,
        i thought it was a spoof.
        Hell a commercial.
        I’ll go see it tho.
        the convo in here has peaked my interest.

  4. I’m gonna see it. However I hope it’s not watered down with a it’s okay whites and others, we still wanna be like you. This sort of makes me sick.

  5. It was originally a YouTube idea which they were trying to get picked up with a completely different set of cast. Like the black YouTube community that constantly bands together and makes vids.

    1. Plus satire and sarcasm don’t seem to go well with the black community I’ve tend to find. Only want that Madea and l.o.l obvious.

  6. I’ve been keeping up with this movie for a whole now it started off as a college film a couple of years ago
    Now it’s finally hot theaters I’m sure it would be watered down though the 2chainz bit must’ve been added recently for the movie but alot of original dialogue looks like it’s been kept they should have the original clips on YouTube

  7. This looks good!!!!

    I think this is gonna be an adventure of how blacks in hollywood are portrayed, recognized, and honored.

    I’m surprised it went over people’s heads.

  8. Jamari they did make a movie back in the 80s or 90s where black folks were the majority and whites the minority. I don’t remember what it’s called.

    I’m actually looking forward to this movie. I’m Puerto Rican though so I guess I have a different perspective on PoC/White relations.

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