I’d Like You To Sing While Smoking A Fat Blunt (RnB)

tumblr_n7ocfcQ6dL1rmqcgno1_500oh how scary is this?
i trembled.
so rnb has some new comers looking to take over.
step to the side everyone,
music has some new bad wolves ready to sing panties off!
guess who is behind the masks on the latest vibe summer 2014 issue…

tumblr_inline_n7oz87XSCM1qb5tqveveryone meet mack wilds,
august alsina,
and an awkward white boy.

tumblr_mb7575tZz71qmfh3wi’m sure 14-17 year old girls are creaming heavily in their panties.
here is some video from the shoot:

everyone is having a fit about them being labelled “the new faces”.
listen they have a category in my world.
it’s called “ratchet ‘n’ blues”.
music about struggle,
dime bags,
and late child support payments.
look let them eat while dominating that arena of the music world.
i actually enjoyed mack wilds and august’s albums.
i never heard of the random white boy,
but i’m sure his music is pretty interesting in it’s own ratchet way!

lowkey: do people still read vibe anyway?

covers taken from: vibe magazine

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “I’d Like You To Sing While Smoking A Fat Blunt (RnB)”

  1. Jamari..u hit the nail on the head . The present generation has no talent. All u need to do is look sexy or be a ratchet thug with 10 kids and u are packaged by the studio to the various hoes and thugs. Alsina is a thug, period with a cute face. As for the other 2 dont know why they are even allowed in a studio. Arianna Grande, RiRi, and a lot of the so called female singers are nothing but packaged sex kittens. The world has changed. Music is like Burger King , basically a fast food industry churnig out one hit wonders and groups.

  2. I have no idea who the white dude is, but I am willing to give his music a chance. Mack is alright. Oh and y’all know how I feel about August and his music. Love that dude.

  3. Why is that white guy in r&b?? The media saying Iggy Azelea is the queen of hiphop. Black people are losing and letting them into our culture.

  4. His name is Ed Sheeran. And I wonder what would have been said if the photo had been reversed, two white singers and one black and the names of the white singers listed, and ‘an awkward black boy’ at the end.

    I long for the world that Dr King spoke about were you’re judged on the content of your character rather than the colour of your skin.


  5. I’m kinda shitty they’re not featuring someone like Luke James instead of an actor trying his hand at music( no shade Mack), the poor mans Trey Songz, or a random white kat

  6. You boys are insane. Ed Sheran is the future. White or not his music is incredible. Listen to the A-Team and ‘I see fire’; he’s brilliant!

  7. I wouldn’t consider them R&B because they don’t consider themselves as R&B. If you pay attention to them in interviews both Mack & August are influenced by rappers. Its funny that I like them but really they are both mediocre and very low on the talent scale. It’s messed up what this industry has come to basically Image > Talent. And in my opinion no shade that Ed boy is a typical blue eyed british soul singer his voice and music ver average. So this cover is accurate 3 popular R&b singers with little to no talent. In my opinion the new kings of R&B are Miguel, Luke James, and Frank Ocean. Miguel has the artistry, Luke James has the voice, and Frank has the lyrical depth. They are the one who will revive and PUSH R&b foward

  8. I have actually heard one song from the White dude. It was okay but like you said, I think it was mainly targeted at teenage girls. Not that that has stopped me from liking a song.

    I still have yet to listen to August. I’m planning on it one of these days. I’ve heard one song from Mack Wilds and thought it was okay. It’s just weird because I’m used to him being an actor. I always find it weird when an actor tries to sing or a singer tries to act.

    I wanna bite August’s lips on that cover.

  9. ed sheeran i actually like him and honestly, realistically out of all of them he’ll probably gain the most success since he’ll appeal to a much bigger audience and has been on Ellen, and numerous prime time shows. i have yet to really get into mack wilds as a singer, although i like him as an actor..i haven’t listened to august yet i heard him live a few times im just not a fan of his vocals…i prefer luke james vocally over august…

  10. August Alsina & Mack represent a new generation which is kind of like a throwback to the early 00s when guys like TQ (he sang “Westside” remember him?) and RL were the hottest things in the game. If they’re allowed to harness that appeal they can reach a much wider audience or end up like the aforementioned guys I just listed. On another note, Ed Sheeran is OK if you’re into that John Mayer vibe he’s serving up.

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