In The Land of the Humble Celebrities (Urbanworld 2017)

before i start:

i want to thank the f-bi and those at “urban world film festival” for the invite to this wonderful event

i was so grateful for the opportunity and it showed me exactly where i want to belong.
okay now that’s done,
let’s continue…

so a f-bi sent me an email to attend the screening of the mid season premiere of one of my favorite shows,
“queen sugar”.
i saw that it would have a q&a with the cast at the end of it.
you didn’t have to tell me twice.
i sent an email and got a rsvp invite (+1) instantly.
since i was talking to the pretty vixen at the time,
i asked her if she wanted to attend with me.
when we got there

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Hello Foxhole (Its Me)

2DAB847500000578-0-image-a-10_1445535219660“Hello, how are you?
It’s so typical of me to talk about myself
I’m sorry, I hope that you’re well…”

its funny how a simple song can,
on accident,
take you someplace emotionally.
a place you had locked away in a vault deep in your brain.
  that’s what adele’s new song,
did to me today…

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I’d Like You To Sing While Smoking A Fat Blunt (RnB)

tumblr_n7ocfcQ6dL1rmqcgno1_500oh how scary is this?
i trembled.
so rnb has some new comers looking to take over.
step to the side everyone,
music has some new bad wolves ready to sing panties off!
guess who is behind the masks on the latest vibe summer 2014 issue…
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I Tried A Little Bit of Pure Heroine Today (Actually A Lot)

i am FEELIN this chick’s album.
so im having the laziest day on my couch.
it has become my bedroom and kitchen.
no it is not my bathroom too, smart ass.
an f-bi sent me and email with LISTEN TO THIS NOW.
lorde “pure heroine”.
this album is like…
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