I Tried A Little Bit of Pure Heroine Today (Actually A Lot)

i am FEELIN this chick’s album.
so im having the laziest day on my couch.
it has become my bedroom and kitchen.
no it is not my bathroom too, smart ass.
an f-bi sent me and email with LISTEN TO THIS NOW.
lorde “pure heroine”.
this album is like…

tumblr_ltlgbvB6pL1r2v293o1_400i like to call this kind of music:
“gossip girl/meat packing district/back of the town car music”.
every time i use to watch gossip girl,
they always played some song in the background that fit the scene perfectly.
how i found out about lana del rey.
well that music would become the soundtrack to my life.
it made me feel like i belonged in a place not like my own.
lorde is it for me.
i love every song on her album.
the mood it sets>>>
please support her movement ( x next week )!
i’ll post the three songs i like:

x listen to her whole album on her youtube channel

lowkey: i also was sent miley,
but im so over her foolishness i’m not interested.
i’ll listen to it next week.
i think.
next up on my listen list:

its lookin like a good listening session in my den tonight

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “I Tried A Little Bit of Pure Heroine Today (Actually A Lot)”

  1. I’m feelin Royals and A World Alone.

    I love own it. Tristan, I can’t be your dream girl, but I damn sure can be your dream boi. That nigga can come and see me anytime. I’ll show him something he ain’t neva seen lol.

  2. I love that they started playing her on Hot97, they’ve been battling not playing it for the longest

  3. Tristan “Mack” Wilds album needs to get album of the year. I’ve had it for 2 weeks since the leak, and still bought it and got me a hard copy. Have not been able to stop playing this thing. It’s literally on repeat and it should be up there w/ “What’s the 411” that’s how good it is. Tristan when he sings , he reminds you of a young Bobby Brown.

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