Your Next Jack’d Message Could Be From The Devil Himself

bd06cf0e343ddc9f5bcefce4c153c3ebafter yesterday’s peanut allergy issue,
i saw this quote on pinterest today and it spoke volumes.
this quote serves as a warning.
not every baller wolf is raised right,
every pretty package doesn’t always have something good inside,
and even regular joes are prone to “dumbassness”.
be careful out there.
all that glitters ain’t gold and even the dollar store has nice shit that shows its quality eventually.
hell the devil could be you.
maybe even me.
uh huh.
i went there.

we just haven’t had the opportunity or resources to show our true colors yet.

lowkey: check out ( x my foxi life class fav quotes) on pinterest.
shameless plug ‘n’ shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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