(pre)baller wolf swagg

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 10.12.08 PMso everyone knows i love baller wolves of all kind.
college and professional.
i also love good fashion.
so i know what you’re thinking:

“like jamari…
you should,
totally make a pinterest board just for baller wolf swagg.
ya know,
something where we can get ideas for outfits and see sexy baller wolves too!”

well hot damn!
how you guess?
sooooooo that’s what i did tonight.
i mean my ( x fox swagg ) board goes super hard.
now in order to be featured,
im looking for:
clothes that fit correctly.
suit and tie.
you can also ( x join in and send pictures/instagrams ) for review of (pre)baller wolves.
if you’re a (pre)baller wolf reading,
 send me pics of some of your best outfits as well.
if i like it,
you’ll be featured.
everyone got it?

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photo: big papa joe penis anderson

All That Matters (Mental Breakfast)

3c624b1e0c3eae6b832d191da0d3be3di put up a lot of these quotes in my ( x thoughts and productions of grandeur ),
but ^this one stood out to me.
it spoke right to me and it’s also speaking to someone else out there as well.
i’ll put up more of these on the main foxhole.
sometimes you need mental stimulation for it to all make sense.

Le Luxe Le Fox (foxswagg)

leluxlefoxclearly my body does not respect me!!
randomly just waking me up at 5 something in the morning.
that’s how we gonna do it?….
so remember how i was gonna make a vixen heel’s board on pinterest?
yeah i’m over it.
vixens have way too much shit already.
sooooooooo i decided to do one better.
since ( x fox swagg ) does so well,
i wanted to make a board that helps you go beyond just clothes and cute shit.
you can’t be fly and broke at the same time.
so i made a board called “le lux le fox”,
which focuses on the tools for the foxy lifestyle to help you get your life in order.
i posted some great “resume tips” to start it off right.
there’s levels to this and we climbing together.
so head here:

x go to le luxe le fox

…and check out my other boards as well.
they’re pretty fun.

Your Next Jack’d Message Could Be From The Devil Himself

bd06cf0e343ddc9f5bcefce4c153c3ebafter yesterday’s peanut allergy issue,
i saw this quote on pinterest today and it spoke volumes.
this quote serves as a warning.
not every baller wolf is raised right,
every pretty package doesn’t always have something good inside,
and even regular joes are prone to “dumbassness”.
be careful out there.
all that glitters ain’t gold and even the dollar store has nice shit that shows its quality eventually.
hell the devil could be you.
maybe even me.
uh huh.
i went there.

we just haven’t had the opportunity or resources to show our true colors yet.

lowkey: check out ( x my foxi life class fav quotes) on pinterest.
shameless plug ‘n’ shit.

I Want To Jump Head First In Your Jeans

1aa387e4bba0b47c67afac6e6ca2f466as you know i make love to pinterest regularly.
i was pinning real good just now and came across that guide on how to wear jeans.
nothing worse than someone wearing the wrong jeans for their body.
this guide should help a lost fashion soul.

lowkey: i really need to get my money right.
pinterest is making me miss shopping.
my “fox swagg” board is poppington.
you should check it out for daily tips and ideas for things to wear!
follow me as well!

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as you can tell…
i <3 clothes like i do a fine wolf.