Le Luxe Le Fox (foxswagg)

leluxlefoxclearly my body does not respect me!!
randomly just waking me up at 5 something in the morning.
that’s how we gonna do it?….
so remember how i was gonna make a vixen heel’s board on pinterest?
yeah i’m over it.
vixens have way too much shit already.
sooooooooo i decided to do one better.
since ( x fox swagg ) does so well,
i wanted to make a board that helps you go beyond just clothes and cute shit.
you can’t be fly and broke at the same time.
so i made a board called “le lux le fox”,
which focuses on the tools for the foxy lifestyle to help you get your life in order.
i posted some great “resume tips” to start it off right.
there’s levels to this and we climbing together.
so head here:

x go to le luxe le fox

…and check out my other boards as well.
they’re pretty fun.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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