“How To Not Be A Celebrity” Taught By K Michelle?

screen-shot-2013-10-14-at-8-31-23-ami like k michelle.
i’ve been ridin’ with her heavy since her debut on vh1.
well i saw this story on bossip and may have to question how much i actually like her.
the briefing of the bullshit was k was at ricardos in harlemthe other night.
when a fan ( @ilovejonise ) asked for a picture,
k rudely said “no” and made her pick her face up off the floor.
jonise decided to address her on instagram.
this is what she said along with k’s mart army:

photo-2photo-3i don’t think the fan was being nasty,
but this was the outcome

photo-4tumblr_m1tz7yhNcU1qhzh1go1_500_largethis was the rest of the k marts going in:

i’m sorry but WTF???????
yes it’s your fuckin’ job is to take pictures for their instagram and sign autographs.
ummm duhhhhh
that’s what being a celebrity is or have you not realized, k?
every time you step out the crib,
you are always “ON”.
“no one is going to make me feel guilty for taking one day off???”
well then don’t go outside.
she acts like she is telling her label this foolishness.
one of her FANS,
who is your boss and HR person really,
decided to come up to someone they support and get shut down….
…because she wants a night to her self.
chick you ain’t a college student after mid terms.
“i stay after every show just to say thank you”
duh… you should since they paid for it.
if i was a celeb,
and someone who reads my site daily and supported me,
asked for a picture/autograph then i’m doing it.
bad day.
on the way to the toilet with diarrhea.
these are the same people i will want to buy my products or whatever it is i’m promoting.

tumblr_ld1j9rm6AU1qe9lqso1_500see the difference between the “k michelles” vs the rihannas and beyonces” is levels.
there is levels to this celebrity thing.
there is “reality show” and then there is “i’m a legit big deal” levels.
this also goes to r&b singers or instagram celebs.
the issue is when you give people a platform who don’t know how to handle it.
she could have either stayed her ass home or had her security or PR block off the section.
you don’t go attack a FAN because YOU wanted to be a dumb ass.
calling her a monkey????
tellin her get a life???
talkin shit about her weave??
k: use your fuckin’ brain.
i expect this kind of behavior from karlie redd or one of the people you go off on.
…and ima need her stanbaseĀ not to how out because uh…

she could do that same shit to you too.santana_lopez_gif_by_luuucigleek-d4qrqtmone more “duh” before i go.

psi don’t really like the new single choice k!
i woulda went with “damn”,
but “cant raise a man” will do.

story found: bossip

k michelle instagram: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on ““How To Not Be A Celebrity” Taught By K Michelle?”

  1. Not everybody’s built for the celebrity life.
    It literally only takes 2 seconds to take a picture with someone lol.
    Smh. I knew this little bit of fame would get to her.
    & that lame ass excuse for not taking a picture with the girl?
    “I work my ass off every single day just to make sure women don’t go through what I have”
    Wow lol.
    I can see where K is coming from, but you shouldn’t be an ass to your fans. Especially since there were only 2 people there that recognized you.

    1. ^loved how you threw in that “2”
      the key factor in this entire situation.
      plus she is hanging at ricardos.
      usually hood crowd.
      her entire stan base because I bet she would try that shit downtown.

  2. Not only that but did she have to insult the girl’s looks.Was calling the girl a “monkey” and saying she had a “bad weave” really necessary?I’ve never liked K.Michelle anyway.She’s just some ghetto hood-rat with an okay voice, just like Keyshia Cole.There’s a way to handle yourself publicly and the fan that was refused a picture was probably more upset because it was her birthday.

    What also bugs me are all the celebrity worshipers that go in on the fan-girl.These celebrities don’t care about you and K.Michelle would gladly insult you if you had something bad to say about her demeanor.They also let you see why so many celebrities get egos.They surround themselves with nothing but fans/people like that.Telling them that bad behavior is okay.

    Some people need to realize there is a way of handling certain situations.Insulting someone who only wanted a picture isn’t the right way to handle it.She could’ve said “I apologize if you thought I was dissing you in anyway but I really wanted to have a day for myself.”Or she could have not said anything at all and just let it blow over and be forgotten.

    I don’t think it’s right to beat women but I have no problem with Woman on Woman violence.Some women need a good pop in the face.I wish a chick with fat fists would bust K.Michelle a good one in the mouth, then track down Erica Mena and pop her a good few.Getting your ass beat, especially for people that always pop off on others, is a humbling experience.It calms you, and you think before you pop off the next time.

  3. I mean, I’m not surprised. I would’ve been more surprised had she acted with some class.

    In more relevant news, who is that sexy young man in that picture with the thick neck? His lips look amazing.

  4. I didn’t like when K Michelle call that girl a monkey. Not only it rude, but that some racist shit like that guy from Love & Hip Hop who said light skin is the right skin.

  5. Bullshit. If you think other well known artists(beyonce and rihanna no talent having basic face looking same size ass as miley cyrus) dont decline fans for pics & autographs then you’re delusional. Unless you were at Ricardos in Harlem last night to witness if she did rudely decline her request…which I doubt because they were only two people who recognized her…then you don’t know the REAL deal. All this is is a butt-hurt fan who probably isn’t used to being told no who wants some attention by attempting to bring her name in the mud. K is entitled as a person to her privacy and her down time. Many celebrities have said they DO NOT like being approached when they’re with family and friends

    1. ^so it still makes it right how she went off on said fan?
      it’s one thing to decline an autograph,
      it’s another thing to be nasty about it.
      k is entitled to her time off,
      she is also entitled to something called “tact”.

      all this defending,
      but would you accept her talking to you like that?
      if “yes”,
      you are a bigger fool than I thought.

      1. Luther Vandross had a fan who went off because he wouldn’t sign an autograph. He walked up to them, gave them money to buy back all his albums, andt told them “You buy my music. You don’t own me”. We all know how Luther sold out arenas effortlessly for 20 years.

        K Michelle went a little too far, but rejecting fans on her off day is not uncommon. A true fan of hers would have given her the space she is entitled to when she’s not performing.

        I’ve seen bigger artists at random concerts in NYC, and I’ve never asked for a picture unless it was they were the performer.

      2. Like I said Jamari, if you were not in Ricardos when the incident occurred then you don’t know if she was nasty or not. Understand that point. People lie on celebrities all the time. Did you stop to think K went off on the fan the way she did was because she’s on the internet lying. And myself personally I wouldn’t have cared if she went off on me I get curved all the time, chuck it up to life and move on.

    2. Then they should keep their asses in the house because they’re going to be approached regardless.Privacy means to not be seen or bothered.When you’re a celebrity=someone who is well known, then that’s not gonna happen when you’re out in public.Also, K could’ve conducted herself better in the response to the fan.The fan didn’t call K.Michelle ugly or anything.K only showed she’s the ghetto hood-rat she portrays on TV, and her defenders are nothing but a bunch celebrity worshiping douche-bags.If celebrities don’t like being approached when they’re with friends and family then they should keep their asses hidden from view.You’re a celebrity, that means people will recognize you.It comes with the job.Deal with it.

  6. Come on k do better, you don’t treat your fans like shit. That kind of thing will come to bite you in the ass later.

  7. Its two sides to every story and I feel celebs need to not want to be bothered sometimes, so I would never ask them for anything while they are out in public like eating. I seen many celebs in LA out and about, for the most part they have been nothing but nice and friendly. I can understand them saying no to pics, but to insult your fans is another level all together. I thought K.MIchelle antics were funny on LHHATL, a little over the top but tolerable. I looked over the hoodrat behavior but its beginning to look like she may be a little touched and not by an Angel, as some of the cast members have alluded too. She does not know when to leave her keep it real persona behind. She is only going to progress to a certain level and will probably never really see any mainstream pop success acting like this, but she may be ok with doing the summerfest with Maze and getting perm endorsements, and a occasional mention on Mediatakeout and in Jet magazine. I guess she said it worked for her hoodrat mentor Keyshia Cole. I love her album btw but she needs some media training lesson and she needs to leave those Memphis ways in Memphis.

  8. K Michelle is Hilarious LOL!! & That Fan was Definitely in here feelings Ctfu. Life happens guys just because you don’t meet a celeb you have a bitch fit gtfoh! I was at 106 & park and Ciara was there a few years ago I waited in line to get my picture then I was 2nd in line she had to leave I didn’t get all emotional and rant about it. #life happens!

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